File :1204582047.jpg-(282 KB, 1320x760, Team_Fortress_2.jpg)
282 KB That's why they call it a ZOO! Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:07 No.3271817  
/co/, what video game property or franchise would make an awesome cartoon?

Difficulty: The series must NOT have been invented in Japan. that would make it animu.

Example: see pic.
>> Dr. Genome 03/03/08(Mon)17:08 No.3271826
We've talked about this before, and we agree that it'd be awesome. Most of our ideas for it are limited to Engineer/Spy interaction, though.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:10 No.3271841
Needs Pyro
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:12 No.3271863
Shit would be epic.
That reminds me, I'll have to go to /v/ to see if Dr. Tanner's finished another one of his stories.

Preferrably with less mansex.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:13 No.3271870
MedicXHeavy OTP

Soilder messin Heavy

Is pyro a girl. I think pryro is a girl.
>> Mr Snrub !!trtVNaP7Qk4 03/03/08(Mon)17:14 No.3271883
>less mansex.

No. More mansex.

Engineer/Spy OTP.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:16 No.3271906
check the archives
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:18 No.3271924
     File :1204582729.jpg-(695 KB, 1616x1216, :co: team.jpg)
695 KB
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:19 No.3271928
I'd like to add pyro hijinks to that
>> Dr. Slek !anDj5ae5Ow 03/03/08(Mon)17:19 No.3271929
Deus Ex
Evil Genius
>> Engineer !YFDS3YLlgg 03/03/08(Mon)17:26 No.3271986
     File :1204583172.png-(191 KB, 750x750, __3_anonib.png)
191 KB
/r/ing these ideas?

Scout and Pyro are running buddies. They have wacky hijinks.

Sniper never shows up in half the episodes, only his dot. He shoots people occasionally, the sound appearing in the background of other peoples' scenes, offing enemy troops who who are just about to shoot at our protagonists.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:31 No.3272021
     File :1204583473.jpg-(33 KB, 640x480, super show.jpg)
33 KB
>Difficulty: The series must NOT have been invented in Japan. that would make it animu.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)17:33 No.3272032
One of my favorite archive ideas for the sniper was this:

>In one episode, the sniper wakes up, grabs a piece of toast, and then goes to the roof, not moving even under pain of Heavy punching him. The rest of the episode progresses, the team discusses a plan they've been working on, which goes bad and ends up with them retreating. When they get in sight of the base, with the enemy almost caught up, Sniper fires one shot, which is followed by a miraculous two-minute sequence of it boring through one guy's head, bounding off of a gun, pierceing another guy's heart, and basically killing the whole enemy force. And then he goes back to bed.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:35 No.3272045

You're forgetting about Scout
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:39 No.3272090

I'm sad due to the fact this will never been made real
>> Engineer !YFDS3YLlgg 03/03/08(Mon)17:40 No.3272106
     File :1204584039.jpg-(43 KB, 184x184, 1200309080072.jpg)
43 KB
Shit, that WOULD be awesome.

Fuck, Valve, please, baby. Make this show happen. Just make it in the game engine.

please. ;~;.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:40 No.3272107

That's pretty unfaithful to the game since the Sniper is actually contributing to the team.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:44 No.3272142
Whens meet the scout come out?
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)17:49 No.3272191
Over the course of the series, he falls in love with Pyro. The series finale must end with Scout confronting his possible homosexuality. So, he talks to everyone on the team, EXCEPT Pyro.

Pyro then thinks that Scout is avoiding her. She's heartbroken, and debates going over to BLU. When Spy mentions to her that the other team already has a Pyro, Sniper's gun is heard firing, and the BLU Pyro's corpse, driven by the force of a bullet charged for 12 hours, flys through the wall into Spy, with a cry of "THANKS FOR STANDING STILL, WANKA!" echoing in the background.

Meanwhile, Scout finally works up the courage to talk to Pyro about everything, but discovers she's taken the spot with BLU. In an attempt to win her back, or at least work things out, Scout sneaks into BLU during the night. They talk, and just before Scout mentions that he thinks Pyro is a guy, and that he is gay for Pyro, Pyro pulls off her mask, showing she's a woman. She kisses him, and he faints.

"Oh, wow. Nice work, Pyro," BLU Scout says. "You caught the infiltrator. Now, let's show him what happens to spys around here." BLU Spy is standing in the background, with a look of "Wait, what?" on his face as BLU Scout cocks his scattergun. Pyro then turns red again, as the announcer says "PYRO HAS SWITCHED TEAMS." Moments later, The entire BLU team is running from their base, on fire, being followed by Pyro and her flamethrower, with Scout draped on her back. Heavy looks down at the fiasco from the Battlements, and laughs. And laughs. And laughs. Cut to credits.
>> Engineer !YFDS3YLlgg 03/03/08(Mon)17:54 No.3272229
     File :1204584860.jpg-(97 KB, 600x275, roflbot_HwLv_anonib.jpg)
97 KB
But Pyro's a dude.

Pic related.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:54 No.3272232
you're just making me more sad that this will never be real ;-;
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)17:55 No.3272241

>> The Young /co/mp/a/triot 03/03/08(Mon)17:56 No.3272249
Need to include him gratuitously shooting at the on fire BLU team members.
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)18:04 No.3272326

Oh, right. I forgot entirely to mention that.

In my mind, Heavy would never stop firing his gun on the show, ever. Engineer would keep having to build a dispenser beside him, and then demolish it to move it to wherever Heavy had went. As a result, any time Engineer would be having a conversation, or be the focus of an episode, he'd keep walking off in the middle, or the whole episode would take place on the path Heavy was taking towards the enemy.


No. Pyro is a beautiful girl. Her coal black eyes are a testiment to her rock-hard will and easily flared temper. Semi-short orange hair encircles her face, the halo to adorn an angel of fire. I know this because there is a purse in Pyro's locker.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:07 No.3272344
the TF2 wiki confirms that Pyro is a guy. He's just a little weird
>> Engineer !YFDS3YLlgg 03/03/08(Mon)18:12 No.3272390
     File :1204585977.png-(20 KB, 405x229, Panmurse.png)
20 KB
Dude, Pyro's a dude.

Scout saw the purse and said, "That purse could only be a flamer's."

Pyro nodded, thinking, "I'm a flamer."
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)18:16 No.3272424

I assume you are refering to this wiki, yeah? I'm relatively sure that it is fan-made.

If someone can cite Valve on this, I'll believe you. In the meantime, I'm e-mailing the guy who gives his e-mail address in the Director's Commentary.
>> Mr Snrub !!trtVNaP7Qk4 03/03/08(Mon)18:18 No.3272448
Pyro is obviously delicious shota
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:22 No.3272500
Hate you
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:25 No.3272524
How about Demo-Man? Does he get no plot build loving?

I like the Idea of absolutely random crap blowing up every so often, in the team's base and the other's

Heavy gets in a Truck *BOOM*
Engie walks into a Bathroom *BOOM*, smoke is seen coming round the door and a pained call for Medic
Medic moves a chess piece *BOOM*
Soldier opens a Book *BOOM*
And once the joke is set in, about a minute long scene of Spy going in his pocket, pulling out a cigarette, lifting a match to the end and *BOOM*...

...a crate blows up in the background sending the scout flying, spy shrugs and goes back to lighting his cig...*BOOM*
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:26 No.3272530

Every single one of them is "a little weird" to be polite or "absolutely fucking insane" to be more frank.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:35 No.3272607

I lol'd at all the above
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:35 No.3272611
Valve said the sex of pyro will be revealed in meet the pyro.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:36 No.3272619
what if the pyro is a "hot" girl
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:40 No.3272649
Pyro is a classy lady :3
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:43 No.3272679
     File :1204587822.gif-(185 KB, 650x863, Sword Van.gif)
185 KB
We need a Sword Van episode.
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)18:44 No.3272687
>Soldier opens a Book *BOOM*


Like all shows, Team Fortess Series will have a very special episode, dealing with addiction. The focus of this one will be, of course, Demoman. It begins with Scout telling the others that he thinks Demo has a problem. Heavy, in his standard manner, asks "WHAT PROBLEM? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" whilst using his gun to knock a few poker chips into the pot. It then cuts to a montage of Demoman drinking while "Streams of Whiskey" plays in the background. The team quickly agrees he needs help.

Each member of the team tries their own method of breaking his habit. Medic rambles on about the danger to his health, but Demoman falls asleep. Spy comes in, disguised as Demoman, sapper in hand, but Demo points out he sees through the mask. Pyro attempts to talk reasonably with him, to no avail. Heavy walks in, guns blazing, laugh continuing, resulting in hundreds of exploding bottles. On a side note of some importance, a drinking song is playing every time a scene takes place in his room.

As Engi is trying whatever he cooked up, Sniper's dot appears on the record player in the background. It then explodes, Sniper says some witty remark, and everyone is glad the crisis is over. Scout then points out that stopping the drinking songs didn't stop the drinking problem. By the nervous looks the rest of the team has, Scout quickly realises that he was the only one thinking that was the problem. Demoman, hearing Scout call drinking a "problem," grabs his bottle, breaks it, and starts cursing whilst chasing Scout around the base.

Also, in many episodes, after the title card appears, the team will be talking, or walking, or something, and then the entire team explodes. BLU Demoman will then pop out of a bush in the background (regardless of whether or not a bush should be there), smile, and give a thumbs up. After the respawn, a completely different plot takes place.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:47 No.3272707
Question: Does /co/ have a TF2 server?
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:48 No.3272716
You need to work for Valve.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:49 No.3272724
>The series must NOT have been invented in Japan. that would make it animu.

Well Excuuuuusee Me, OP
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:51 No.3272749
I want this to be real.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:53 No.3272764
What about the solder why haven't talked about him?He would of couse have a milatistic personinty.He would be the most likly to kill saying things like"i'll kill him"or i bet he's the oldest so he would say"back in my day",he could be the wisest and voice of reason
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:54 No.3272771

Group, no server. At least not yet.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:56 No.3272798
Have you not watched Meet the Soldier?

He's fucking insane.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:58 No.3272810
remember the dexter episode where he can only say Omelete Du Frumage and he couldn't get into his lab?

Replace dexter with soilder; Omlete Du Frumage with Maggot; getting into his lab with calling the medic.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)18:59 No.3272828
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)18:59 No.3272829

There can be an episode where Soldier is spouting out his usual inane comments about zoos and hobo-fights, but in actuality his comments keep being pertinent to the situations.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:00 No.3272835
     File :1204588822.jpg-(25 KB, 424x427, 1199838235675.jpg)
25 KB

Can we have a Valentines episode?
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:07 No.3272895
Medic and Heavy should have an episode where they get mad at each other. The heavy starts taking heavy fire and is pinned Medic sees him hurt. They look into each others eyes and smile.

Medic Ubers the heavy and the slaughter the opposition.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)19:09 No.3272914
Yes. That picture makes it waaaay too aborable to deny. ;-;
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)19:09 No.3272926


Dawn breaks on the RED Fortress, and Scout begins passing out the mail, after a 1-2 minute bit of him dodging whatever dangers BLU has set up at the mailbox (maybe Sniper, maybe Sticky Bombs or a turret. A different one could be used every time we use the plot device). Soldier, in a rare moment of weakness, seems shocked. Apparently, his old boss, General, is coming in to inspect his favorite student. In a panic, he begins forcing the Team to get into military shape. The high points of the episode will be Soldier's speech on the merits of order ("GENERAL STONEWALL JACKSON! NOW, HE WAS A MAN! BACK IN THE CIVIL WAR, HE WAS THE GREATEST GENERAL TO SERVE! DO.. YOU... MAAAAAAGOTS.. KNOW... WHYYYY? HE BELIEVE IN ORDER! THE HIPPIES UP NORTH DIDN'T CARE ABOUT CLEANLINESS, AND REFUSED TO KEEP THE BLACKS AND THE WHITES SEPARATE! EVERYONE'S SHEETS ENDED UP GRAY! THE NORTH GETS MAD, BLAMES THE SOUTH, AND JACKSON SINGLEHANDEDLY PULVERATES THE HIPPIES, AND BUILDS A WALL OUT OF THEM! AND THAT'S WHY THEY CALL HIM STONEWALL!"), and the montage in which he "fixes" everyone (he forces Heavy to salute with one hand while firing with the other, throwing off the balance of the gun and shooting everyone around).

In the end, General shows up. The General is, in fact, BLU Spy wearing a paper mask with the word "General" written on it. The team welcomes him, they have dinner, and all the plans fall apart as the team acts like normal. The standard "be yourself speech" follows from BLU spy, and the group gets together for a picture from Engi's Sentry Camera. The episode ends with the "Meet The Classes" ending medley, as the screen flashes a few successive photos of BLU Spy taking off the mask, and preparing to stab everyone in the back.
>> Dr.Gradamit !ayvek5nFcU 03/03/08(Mon)19:11 No.3272944
I could see a convo go like this

Spy: hey engine did you know blu had a engineer as well
Engineer: really?
Spy: yeah he acts just like you to. I tricked them by doing my impersonation of you
Engineer: you have a impersonation of me
Spy: uh kind of...
pyro: mmmhm mm?
Spy: well they have a pyro but it acts nothing like you
Pyro: mrm?
Spy: well I couldn't really tell its gender
Pyro: Mmmhmmm mrm?
Spy: uh look I got to go *cloaks*
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:13 No.3272970

It was a book about a farm ¬¬
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:13 No.3272975
     File :1204589638.jpg-(39 KB, 348x439, hellopyro.jpg)
39 KB
did i blow you mind?

how about now?
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:14 No.3272977
Spy spends a whole month in BLU command, and when the rest of the crew comes in to demolish the base with the information he's given, it turns out the entire base has been massacred by a knife rampage.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:14 No.3272983
It wouldn't be hard to make a good fan made show with it, like Red Vs Blue.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:15 No.3272987
You stole that from the Justice Friends!

Unless Justice Friends stole that from something too, which could be entirely possible.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:18 No.3273012
Pyro gives the final rousing speech. It goes on for about three minutes, to some real patriotic music, with a fly-by shot of all the other classes listening intently, maybe even shedding a tear. And they'll never explain what was said, or even remark, they'll just charge into battle.
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)19:19 No.3273020

It's one of the oldest tropes there is. However, as long as you use the characters well, it never fails to please.

Also, a series of three minute shorts involving Heavy trying to get a cat out of a tree. In each one, a different class helps him.

Following is the Engi addition: Draw Heavy, looking up at a tree with a cat in it, all frustrated. He jumps, getting like a foot off the ground, and becomes more frustrated. He pulls out his minigun and blows half the tree away, but the cat is still sitting there all nonchalant. Heavy fumes. Engineer shows up, and asks what the problem is. Heavy points at the cat. Engineer laughs, and pulls out his wrench. He builds a teleporter on the ground, and jumps on top of heavy so he can reach to put one on the top of the tree. Engineer then enters the teleporter. When he gets up there, he picks up the cat and jumps down. He hands it to Heavy, who says "WE MAKE GREAT TEAM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Engineer turns and starts walking away before hearing an "Urk..." behind him. He turns his head, just in time to see a spy wearing plastic cat-ears stab him in the back.


YES. RED calender girl is vastly superior to BLU calender girl. I have no complaints.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:20 No.3273030
Engineer is fucking Batman. He has a whole series of episodes where BLU throws him in the Gobi dessert without any supplies. The arc ends with it looking like he's going to starve to death.

Then, a month later, during the season finale, he makes a triumphant return, riding in a repurposed B-20 bomber that he dug up with Soldier's barrowed shovel (happened in season premeire) and resructured with his clothes, hair, and camel blood. And it shoots bones at people.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:24 No.3273084
Sniper: Jaysus.

Heavy: The entire base? What the hell happened to the mission?!

Spy: Three weeks without pay, I believe I'm entitled to some leisure time!

Engineer: It's a special kinda broke that makes THIS leisurely...

>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:32 No.3273152

soilder: KILL
scout: BONK
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:33 No.3273173
Holy shit. This might be the best /v/ thread in /co/ ever. I want Valve on this RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

This show needs to be hilarious and comical but have a subtle homosexual undertone.

Just like the game.
>> Locke !Xawgz6Jqwc 03/03/08(Mon)19:42 No.3273266
No. Less Mansex, please/
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:56 No.3273402
Don't lie. You know you want more.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)19:59 No.3273421

Take it like a man Magget!
>> Ankh !7zQjhDoAtc 03/03/08(Mon)20:03 No.3273444

Think logically, man. They're 8 or 9 guys stuck in the desert or somewhere for long periods of time. At most, there is one girl. Chances are, there's mansex.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:03 No.3273446
I vote slight mansex, but let's make Pyro a girl and fall in love with Spy.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:04 No.3273457
Hello thread from 4 months ago
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:05 No.3273465
Except at first nobody knows Pyro's a chick because of the mask and unsexy clothing.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:07 No.3273476
     File :1204592828.png-(87 KB, 359x563, engineer.png)
87 KB
>> Dr.Gradamit !ayvek5nFcU 03/03/08(Mon)20:07 No.3273480
make her crazy in love with him to the point of chasing him through the base with the flame thrower to get him to date her
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:09 No.3273506
I thought it was Scout
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:10 No.3273518
Precisely. But we need a reason for her to disguise herself.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:13 No.3273546
Scout loves Pyro, but Pyro loves Spy! Its a love triangle!
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:14 No.3273553
Okay, so we have our love triangle.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:16 No.3273569
-It's not easy being the only woman in a team filled with manly men;
-She doesn't want to be treated like a lady;
-She suspects most of the others are flaming homosexuals and dresses up as a man to improve her dating prospects;
-She's not exactly dressing up. Just wearing the clothes of her profession, which aren't feminine in the least. The others just assume she's a guy because they've never seen a female pyro before, and she never bothered to tell them.
-It's magic, we don't have to explain it.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:20 No.3273600
Third one made me ._.

Fourth one's probably the best.
>> The Young /co/mp/a/triot 03/03/08(Mon)20:24 No.3273631
     File :1204593840.jpg-(93 KB, 565x470, 1201303304536.jpg)
93 KB
It might actually be amusing if every one BUT scout knew that Pyro was a woman and just didn't feel like it was anything worthy of note. (Or all they cared about was that she burned stuff good.)
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:27 No.3273668
I swear to god if they reveal Pyro as a woman I'll fucking disown this game forever.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:29 No.3273696
Idea is good, picture is d'awwwww.

Fund it.
>> The Young /co/mp/a/triot 03/03/08(Mon)20:29 No.3273697
Why should it matter?
But if it makes you feel better...
The Pyro is a Schroedinger's Gender, go long as you do not look under the suit, he/she is both genders or no gender at all at the same time.
They may even be an alien, but we'll never know so long as we don't look!
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:30 No.3273699
They wouldn't put her on the front lines if they knew she was a pin-up model.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:31 No.3273710
They all use the same locker room. There's no way any of them could not know Pyro's a woman.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:31 No.3273714
... And somehow I didn't think of this.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:40 No.3273820
She was with them for some sort of USO-type thing, and her dressing room had to be in the armory. She picked up a flamethrower and mask, and for the first time, she was in love.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:41 No.3273841
you are all forgeting something here.. pyro got a mans proportions look at these shoulders
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:44 No.3273876
Football pads.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:46 No.3273893
     File :1204595198.jpg-(80 KB, 414x800, 1174516129090.jpg)
80 KB
The Pyro is a woman. The Pyro is an UGLY woman.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:48 No.3273918
Mass Effect
Warhammer 40K (there are /v/ideo games for it)
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:49 No.3273932

Pyro made his own flamethrower, he didn't just find it.

It's part propane tank, part gasoline pump, part blowtorch.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:50 No.3273936
Not especially ugly, I'm thinking. More like average. Run of the mill. Boiler plate. The kind of girl who wouldn't stand out in a crowd, but who likes to burn things in her backyard at night when she thinks nobody's watching.

Also, she's always got a few soot-stains on her face.
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:51 No.3273946
     File :1204595495.png-(187 KB, 608x607, valentines2.png)
187 KB
Spy/Pyro would not work, because Spy loves Engineer.
>> Your friendly neighborhood FemAnon 03/03/08(Mon)20:51 No.3273948
So we're going for soot-stained Chell?
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:52 No.3273956
Creator should have used a friggin dictionary...
>> Anonymous 03/03/08(Mon)20:58 No.3274012
but they are killing people and that tends to put sex aside a bit...