File : 1302978242.jpg-(36 KB, 561x606, Untitled.jpg)
36 KB Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:24 No.25168521  
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:26 No.25168570
     File1302978378.jpg-(14 KB, 509x432, blind as a bat.jpg)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:26 No.25168577
     File1302978394.jpg-(16 KB, 561x606, buhmuhn.jpg)
16 KB
>> Homor !!hnYKYJYq9Kn 04/16/11(Sat)14:27 No.25168586
     File1302978424.jpg-(12 KB, 531x287, Bat symbol mspaint.jpg)
12 KB
Almost had it.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:27 No.25168590

saged, reported, hidden
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:27 No.25168611
     File1302978478.jpg-(13 KB, 500x394, Bapmap.jpg)
13 KB
Kind of surprised its recognizable.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:29 No.25168632
     File1302978543.jpg-(5 KB, 512x384, Feira da fruta.jpg)
5 KB
>> ILL !ThiefN868M 04/16/11(Sat)14:29 No.25168639
     File1302978562.jpg-(58 KB, 1914x654, Untitfghdfgled.jpg)
58 KB
very surprised by mine
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:29 No.25168641
     File1302978566.png-(3 KB, 257x259, batmang logo.png)
3 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:31 No.25168691
     File1302978706.jpg-(14 KB, 569x486, butmin.jpg)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:31 No.25168695
     File1302978714.jpg-(9 KB, 512x384, Bada.jpg)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:38 No.25168863
     File1302979118.jpg-(14 KB, 290x480, blindlogo.jpg)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:48 No.25169072
     File1302979700.png-(10 KB, 484x340, bats.png)
10 KB
Best one.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:49 No.25169091
     File1302979761.gif-(9 KB, 579x358, batmanlogo.gif)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:51 No.25169130
     File1302979885.png-(8 KB, 600x450, Eyes Closed.png)
8 KB
>> Hellpop Hammer 04/16/11(Sat)14:51 No.25169132
     File1302979890.jpg-(39 KB, 947x742, lookin good bats.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:52 No.25169152
     File1302979941.jpg-(70 KB, 341x360, babby mad.jpg)
70 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:52 No.25169159
It had never occurred to me before now that someone might draw the Batman logo starting anywhere but the left ear part of the bat.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:55 No.25169202
     File1302980100.png-(23 KB, 893x548, manbat.png)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:58 No.25169283
     File1302980331.png-(9 KB, 604x417, hurrr.png)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)14:59 No.25169306
     File1302980377.png-(13 KB, 656x660, fhfh.png)
13 KB
I have no idea whatsoever this is
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:00 No.25169317
     File1302980405.jpg-(41 KB, 949x576, I cheated on the colours and l(...).jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:00 No.25169336
     File1302980458.jpg-(29 KB, 320x450, bullwinkle.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:06 No.25169477
     File1302980814.jpg-(2.17 MB, 3072x2304, DSC00685.jpg)
2.17 MB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:08 No.25169498
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:11 No.25169555
     File1302981082.jpg-(20 KB, 729x430, botsmon.jpg)
20 KB

>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:12 No.25169580
     File1302981158.png-(31 KB, 1446x606, BATMAN.png)
31 KB
>> KryptonianSpacePirate !!kLaQOy6DKW3 04/16/11(Sat)15:15 No.25169623
     File1302981309.png-(10 KB, 630x451, blind bat symbol.png)
10 KB
not bad...
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:20 No.25169720
     File1302981603.jpg-(27 KB, 461x346, bman.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:20 No.25169736
     File1302981641.jpg-(16 KB, 558x309, blindasabat.jpg)
16 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:22 No.25169773
     File1302981769.png-(25 KB, 1277x561, MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAAAAAAAA(...).png)
25 KB
i amgl baymaen
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:25 No.25169839
     File1302981953.png-(4 KB, 289x214, Bertmorn.png)
4 KB

>> suomynonA 04/16/11(Sat)15:29 No.25169915
     File1302982150.jpg-(25 KB, 960x619, batman beyond.jpg)
25 KB
does the era matter?
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:30 No.25169944
     File1302982233.png-(12 KB, 504x390, bat.png)
12 KB
i'm surprised
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:34 No.25170033
     File1302982452.png-(13 KB, 711x549, bat symbol.png)
13 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:34 No.25170035
     File1302982459.png-(15 KB, 800x600, Muh perunds urr DUUUUUUUUURD.png)
15 KB
This turned out a LOT better than I thought.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)15:38 No.25170128
     File1302982711.jpg-(15 KB, 564x604, Untitledasdfasga.jpg)
15 KB
oh boy
... thank god i'm a business major and not an art major
>> Creepy Pops 04/16/11(Sat)17:37 No.25172955
     File1302989833.jpg-(78 KB, 792x648, Batman.jpg)
78 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:43 No.25173106
     File1302990209.jpg-(45 KB, 512x512, botmon.jpg)
45 KB
Botmon Bogons.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:45 No.25173156
     File1302990350.jpg-(12 KB, 457x438, botmon.jpg)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:45 No.25173157
     File1302990352.png-(23 KB, 970x542, boatman.png)
23 KB
>> granderojo !bIGReDTC6s 04/16/11(Sat)17:46 No.25173173
     File1302990392.jpg-(50 KB, 786x466, attempt.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:49 No.25173230
     File1302990554.jpg-(46 KB, 800x573, Blindman.jpg)
46 KB
Heh, not bad.
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:51 No.25173279
     File1302990664.png-(17 KB, 805x488, da batman.png)
17 KB
>He doesn't start at the top of the left wing!
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:53 No.25173346
     File1302990808.png-(7 KB, 500x310, Batman.png)
7 KB
>> Anonymous 04/16/11(Sat)17:55 No.25173400
     File1302990926.jpg-(21 KB, 813x449, pffftahahhawhat.jpg)
21 KB
>> Mr. B !jTwseny72A 04/16/11(Sat)17:58 No.25173459
     File1302991093.jpg-(16 KB, 450x321, batmaaaaan.jpg)
16 KB
Oh man, I'm really good at this!
>> flammable lamp !VqGIGO1oSM 04/16/11(Sat)17:59 No.25173499
     File1302991193.png-(9 KB, 680x408, god damnit.png)
9 KB

same deal