File : 1300260817.jpg-(33 KB, 300x360, 1294633510447.jpg)
33 KB Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:33 No.24326384  
Does /co/ know of any webcomics with a story that have been around for several years and have substantial archives? I'm not interested in Gunnershit Fail, Homostuck, or Questionable Content.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:34 No.24326397
Girl Genius.
>> patches 03/16/11(Wed)03:34 No.24326406
Sinfest has a pretty large one.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:35 No.24326412
I liked Starslip Crisis. Then it became regular old Starslip. Still entertaining here and there, but I just don't like it as much.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:35 No.24326420
OP requested a story, and last time I checked Sinfest didn't have one. Though it is good.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:35 No.24326426
Try out Comic Critics. It is pretty good at times and will make you laugh at a few parts. It will be a nights worth of reading depending on ur speed.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:36 No.24326440
Dr. McNinja!
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:36 No.24326448
Have you tried the internet?
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:37 No.24326474
Kid Radd
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:38 No.24326480
Girlyyy. About 7 years of comics and it ended recently
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:38 No.24326483
Have you at least tried reading any of the ones you've excluded?
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:38 No.24326492
Darths & Droids (ongoing)
GM of the Rings (finished)
Sexy Losers (finished)
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:39 No.24326506
Girl Genius if you don't mind the artstyle.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:40 No.24326523
My first web comic was fucking MegaTokyo.

came nlarm
>> A Dead /co/mrade 03/16/11(Wed)03:40 No.24326526
     File1300261217.jpg-(638 KB, 648x1224, 381.jpg)
638 KB
Dead Winter
It been going on for a couple of years now
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:40 No.24326538
maybe but not what you're asking for
yes but chainsawsuit is better
never heard of it, guessing no
not if you don't like Homestuck
>> No-Ink 03/16/11(Wed)03:40 No.24326545
8-Bit Theater. One of the best.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:42 No.24326566
Sluggy Freelance. Been around since '97. It's older than some of the kids on 4chan.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:42 No.24326568
Yes, I Read Questionable Content until like last year. The jokes aren't funny enough to make up for the stagnant plot. With Homestuck I got like halfway through before I decided that it wasn't worth the effort.

I never liked Gunnershit fail, I always thought the writing was hackneyed, trite, and full of cliches.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:42 No.24326573
     File1300261344.jpg-(256 KB, 600x900, ch01_16.jpg)
256 KB
You could try unsounded. The archives aren't that big yet though.
>> No-Ink 03/16/11(Wed)03:44 No.24326614
Try Girly as well.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:45 No.24326623

>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:46 No.24326640
>Realise that children born in 1997 are 14 now

Oh my.
>> G. D. !!k1u7swmD0lH 03/16/11(Wed)03:47 No.24326657
You could always check out "Misfile".

Long story short, you have two characters—one's a car-racing bad boy; the other's on her way to a prestigious college. Due to some celestial fuck-up caused by some angel, the racer gets gender-swapped (♂→♀), the college girl loses two years of her life and has to go back to high school, and the angel that caused it all has to set things right... but all he does is drink beer and loaf around. The art is all well-drawn and it's not particularly wordy (because who 'reads' webcomics?).

It's a webcomic? Check.
Has a story? Somewhat.
Age? Seven years old next week.
Archives? Yes. and it's currently on page 1678... so have fun with that.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:48 No.24326662
GastroPhobia has storylines, but no sign of an overall story. It's good, though.

Dawn of Time.

I like Erfworld, but your mileage may vary.

Oh, right, I'm so stupid. FREAKANGELS. It is the only webcomic that is written by Warren Ellis.

Girl Genius and Dr. McNinja were mentioned upthread.

Do you like theology, 18th-century Europe, good art, and werewolves? Check out Family Man.

You may or may not like Evil Diva.

American Barbarian only started recently but it is amazing.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:48 No.24326666
Are you the guy I asked to check it out a few days back? If so, what do you think?
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:48 No.24326667
Hey, glad you gave Homosuck a shot, even if you didn't care for it or even know that Homosuck is shit.

Yeah, basically all I read now that has a story. Heh. Always been more of a gag a day type of guy.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:51 No.24326723
Uh, I'm this guy here, but I remembered there is another webcomic I read that has a story, Order of the Stick.

Is only really good or even a little compelling if you like DnD though.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:53 No.24326755
     File1300262016.jpg-(240 KB, 600x900, ch03_20.jpg)
240 KB
I'm not. Some guy on /tg/ recommended it to me weeks ago. I love the art and story, but I just wish we would get more pages each week.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)03:57 No.24326800
I think three minimum is pretty good for that kind of quality, and in practice it's more than that because the author often posts extra pages when they go together.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:00 No.24326857
I think I'm just one of those guys who should wait until the chapter is finished to read it. I know we can't realistically expect any more pages.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:04 No.24326930
scary go round
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:20 No.24327148
sounded pretty retarded when you described it and the art is really... not my thing, but this is kind of fun. not op btw.
>> G. D. !!k1u7swmD0lH 03/16/11(Wed)04:28 No.24327246
Well, it's a fair bit more complicated, especially later on; I just gave the general gist of it without trying to go into 'wall-o'-text mode'.
But different strokes and all that, right? You try it, you like it or not, eventually you move on... c'ést la vie.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:31 No.24327281
     File1300264305.jpg-(171 KB, 400x848, TOE.jpg)
171 KB
Rice Boy
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:35 No.24327324
8bit theater.
You heard me. Motherfuckers.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:39 No.24327366
Achewood's got story arcs that can get long and involved. Just be warned that the really early comics can be sort of average. It pays off to get through them though, some of the later stuff is just brilliant.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:40 No.24327383
If you're a metal gear solid fan, The Last Days of Foxhound is some straight up pure genius.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:41 No.24327387
It's a shame that Achewood seems to be ending its run.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:43 No.24327412
Right here OP, especially Order of Tales
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)04:49 No.24327497
Story? Check. Archives? 1000+ comics

Irregular Webcomic.
Story? Multiple stories that occasionally interact with each other. Focuses more on the funny, though. Archives? 2000+, updates daily.
>> Anonymous 03/16/11(Wed)05:01 No.24327631
Goats - if the author ever gets back to writing it.

He went on hiatus almost a year ago, in the middle of an arc that started in 2005. I still check the site at least once a week, hoping for a new comic