File : 1299171262.jpg-(550 KB, 3303x2211, TxI7z.jpg)
550 KB Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)11:54 No.23976265  
HAH Finally that overpaid union fatcat teacher Ms. Frizzle is out of work.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)11:55 No.23976289
The Frizz will just return to her home dimension
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)11:59 No.23976323
This is all because of Carlos.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:00 No.23976334
     File1299171613.png-(202 KB, 400x267, carlos.png)
202 KB
You called
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:00 No.23976340
guess that's what happens when you take risks and get messy
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:06 No.23976422
Things went downhill with the school board after Arnold didn't come back from the Sun field trip.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:07 No.23976445
The Magic School Bus goes TO HELL!
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:07 No.23976448
You see carlos should of said something like

I guess she just Fizzled out
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:12 No.23976519
I always chuckle at the claim that teachers are overpaid. I believe the average teacher's salary and class size works out to the average teacher being paid about $1.46 per hour per kid. Can you get a babysitter that will try to teach your kids something for $1.46 per hour per kid?

Besides, Frizzle's a time lady. This is obviously some sort of master plan to educate Arnold / defeat the Daleks.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:13 No.23976536
Maybe Ms. Frizzle is expanding out of science into the humanities, and is teaching the class about the Great Depression.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:14 No.23976550
Who says teachers are overpaid? I don't think I've ever heard someone go "You know what, I think teachers need a smaller pay check!"
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:14 No.23976551
If anything teachers are underpaid for the madness they go through.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:14 No.23976555
At my old school we never watched as our teachers begged for change on the side of the road.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:15 No.23976565
>I always chuckle at the claim that teachers are overpaid.

It kind of makes me angry.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:15 No.23976577
Um, have you been watching the news? Wisconsin? Ohio?
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:15 No.23976580
Republicans. The republicans that recently won a huge victory in elections.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:16 No.23976600
Working at a drilling station must be much better than bearing illiterate, foul-mouthed, violent children and the parents who raised them like that. To say nothing about principals and politicians and other liabilities.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:17 No.23976614
I like the part where state legislators are claiming OTHER public employees are "overpaid elites"
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:18 No.23976623
Please name three reasons why you became a teacher Mrs. Smith.

June, July, August
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:18 No.23976632

Follow the news man. Or Reddit. Or anything that'll tell you what's going on in the world. Some downright infuriating Republican bullshit is going down.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:19 No.23976650
>watching the news
Nope. I don't watch the news, I don't get involved with politics, which is bad because it leaves me ignorant, but I don't really care about anything the news has to say.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:20 No.23976660
     File1299172831.png-(642 KB, 820x779, a sad pancake.png)
642 KB
>yfw you realize that teachers have workshops over the summer and have to meet every now and again to plan the semester

>mfw I'm trying to become a teacher and see this thread
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:21 No.23976675

At least try and read the AP wire. It's the quickest and least biased filled news there is, and you'll be reading it so you'll be more in control than if some flashy network was feeding you verbal hypnotism and lights and sounds.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:22 No.23976686
Wouldn't having a swedish pancake on your face be a good thing though? Because then you could eat it.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:22 No.23976693
Then show us wrong and do a job worth of respect
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:22 No.23976701


>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:23 No.23976705
If you don't care about what the news has to say (and I mean REAL news, not Fox/CNN/MSNBC), then you're saying you don't care about the world.

That means your life is just video games and your shift at Pizza Hut.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:24 No.23976732
     File1299173080.jpg-(48 KB, 624x352, foxnews2.jpg)
48 KB
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:25 No.23976741
Yeah, but isn't everyone's life?

Things going on around the world really doesn't impact your actual life, and also the vast majority of news isn't really newsworthy.

Actually I read an article today about how we're probably going to have a mass extinction in 300 years due to humanity and that's kinda interesting and neat I guess, but it doesn't affect me in any way (I'm not going to stop a mass extinction
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:25 No.23976742
I wish I worked at Pizza Hut.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:25 No.23976754
He can also look outside US sources for balanced news. BBC, Al Jazeera, etc.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:27 No.23976786
I don't have a job. At the moment all I do is go to university and go home. I'm sure once I actually get involved with the real world I'll care and start reading the news and whatnot, but for now if it doesn't impact me directly I tend to ignore it.

I used to watch the BBC news when I would get ready to leave for high school in the morning. It was interesting sometimes, but then again I only half paid attention.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:29 No.23976806
Find out which of your local radio stations airs NPR in the morning. It's a non-biased news, and since it's on the radio you can just listen. I have a shower radio so I can listen as I shower in the morning.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:30 No.23976826
this. 1000x this. All of these budget problems would be solved if the legislatures would take the pay cut. for fucks sake, even a 10% cut would solve it.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:32 No.23976859
NPR...everytime I tune in they sound like they're on their 35th hour of no sleep. It's a dullness that bores into the skull
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:34 No.23976876
     File1299173645.jpg-(21 KB, 233x295, laughing MEN.jpg)
21 KB

>>non-biased news
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:34 No.23976882
NPR news gives extended stories and interviews. If that's boring to you, go back to your 15 second news clips.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:35 No.23976898
"Reality has a liberal bias"
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:36 No.23976919
>>23976882're a bit butthurt aren't you
guess it's my fault for expecting better
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:37 No.23976931
Shut up teachers of course you'r overpaid, look at the holidays you get.

>sixpl GDP/Capita
Well shit.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:39 No.23976971

You obviously don't listen to much american talk radio.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:39 No.23976980

Try it again, but this time make sense.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:42 No.23977014
i make a comment on how they sound, the tone of their voice
you instantly take it as a critique in that their content is unappealing
you are pained in the posterior
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:42 No.23977018
>Be an art teacher
>Look like the most interesting man in the world standing 6'9, Haggar like mustache, deep booming voice

Our class would have followed him to hell and back!
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:42 No.23977023
The only teachers that are abundantly paid are college professors.
Principals of schools are abundantly paid as well, my old elementary school principal moved to a high school and now makes $130k a year.
Superintendents are the worst criminals of all, all they do is sit on their asses and call snowdays and get $150k a year.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:43 No.23977029
See how clearer you are when you use big-boy words?
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:45 No.23977060
That's just because they think the NEWS needs to be on 24/7.

How do you fill 24 hours of programing each day, when really there isn't much to report on.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:46 No.23977072
Yes, but a vast number of professors are actually adjuncts(Pretty much the same work as a professor but paid WAY less).
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:46 No.23977077
Dunno, Fox News is on 24 hours a day, and they let me know some short sleeved troublemakers by the palm trees in Madison this past February were causing problems.
>> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)12:47 No.23977104
It's too obvious what Fox is doing. How can anyone still think they're legitimate?