File : 1286777654.png-(233 KB, 800x600, meatpriviledge.png)
233 KB Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:14 No.20473407  
Let's have some fun, /co/!

Look up your favourite /co/ related song on youtube and use the Audio transciber that's still in beta.

Post the "lyrics" to the song and the rest of us will try to guess. Either that or post a screencap

Pic Related
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:15 No.20473435
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:17 No.20473458
How do I activate this button?
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:18 No.20473482
     File1286777927.jpg-(14 KB, 483x319, Batman does not eat nachos!(2).jpg)
14 KB
waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you.
<-----="Batman does not eat nachos!"
>> Cretin !TROLlvzGSU 10/11/10(Mon)02:21 No.20473523
     File1286778100.jpg-(63 KB, 629x356, dee dee dee dee dee dee to the(...).jpg)
63 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:23 No.20473564
I thought it was a boy and blood in the thumbnail.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:26 No.20473606
1286778651933.png" target="_blank">1286778651.png-(225 KB, 654x509, Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 11.2(...).png)
225 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:34 No.20473722
     File1286778847.png-(257 KB, 669x462, captain we've got a problem.png)
257 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:35 No.20473741
     File1286778914.png-(354 KB, 655x461, sanandreas.png)
354 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:39 No.20473810
     File1286779143.png-(341 KB, 660x460, timon's a fucking economist.png)
341 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:43 No.20473897
     File1286779439.png-(127 KB, 656x462, heat.png)
127 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:46 No.20473932
     File1286779576.jpg-(35 KB, 200x174, laughing.jpg)
35 KB

>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:47 No.20473959
     File1286779660.jpg-(29 KB, 665x462, Colors1.jpg)
29 KB
>> The Envious Envy !99o3ns1eSo 10/11/10(Mon)02:48 No.20473976
     File1286779731.jpg-(45 KB, 492x341, 1285712738618.jpg)
45 KB
Holy crap these are hilarious.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:49 No.20473991
     File1286779774.jpg-(27 KB, 660x464, Colors2.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:51 No.20474019
     File1286779886.jpg-(24 KB, 665x462, Colors3.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:53 No.20474038
     File1286779983.jpg-(20 KB, 400x264, 1201632377586.jpg)
20 KB
I wanted to check out how "In the Dark of the Night" would turn out but there doesn't seem to be any with the option available.

>my face
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:53 No.20474042
I am imagining a deaf guy reading this shit right now and being confused as FUCK and I JUST CANNOT STOP LAUGHING HAHAHAHA
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:53 No.20474046
     File1286780007.jpg-(32 KB, 661x460, Colors4.jpg)
32 KB
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)02:53 No.20474049
     File1286780023.jpg-(52 KB, 750x600, translation.jpg)
52 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:54 No.20474056
     File1286780046.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 26 KB, 658x464, Colors5.jpg)
1286780065.png-(127 KB, 661x369, Picture 1.png)
127 KB
I was disappointed this didn't work for the opening song, but I had to keep watching.
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)02:55 No.20474070
     File1286780109.png-(373 KB, 640x480, 1286699816577.png)
373 KB
This could be an epic thread. DONT STOP POSTING
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:58 No.20474126
     File1286780308.jpg-(23 KB, 656x458, distance1.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:58 No.20474129
     File1286780321.png-(185 KB, 650x405, policemen.png)
185 KB
Holy shit OP, you are my fucking hero. I haven't laughed this hard in forever.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:59 No.20474140
     File1286780378.jpg-(78 KB, 660x510, poorunfortunatesouls1.jpg)
78 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)02:59 No.20474145
     File1286780398.jpg-(46 KB, 700x522, the fuck.jpg)
46 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:01 No.20474168
you guys in this thread might like this then

1286780504805.jpg" target="_blank">1286780504.jpg-(78 KB, 664x510, poorunfortunatesouls2.jpg)
78 KB
Trinity dourany
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:01 No.20474177
start naming songs, guys. I'm running out
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:02 No.20474188
     File1286780533.png-(196 KB, 650x403, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.0(...).png)
196 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:02 No.20474193
     File1286780555.jpg-(38 KB, 648x468, Capture.jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:02 No.20474201
     File1286780570.png-(134 KB, 658x400, thinkaboutit.png)
134 KB
The baker gives shitty relationship advice.
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:02 No.20474203
The Candy Man Can from Willy Wonka
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:03 No.20474214
     File1286780609.jpg-(90 KB, 666x558, poorunfortunatesouls3.jpg)
90 KB
This one's remarkable in that it actually got the lyrics close to right.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:03 No.20474218
     File1286780619.jpg-(39 KB, 678x457, belle 2.jpg)
39 KB

wat wat
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:03 No.20474223
     File1286780624.png-(176 KB, 656x404, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.0(...).png)
176 KB
Oh god I lol'd so hard.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:04 No.20474231
     File1286780674.jpg-(92 KB, 662x558, poorunfortunatesouls4.jpg)
92 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:05 No.20474243
     File1286780702.png-(246 KB, 657x408, misterchu.png)
246 KB
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:05 No.20474245
     File1286780713.png-(230 KB, 666x463, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.0(...).png)
230 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:05 No.20474253
     File1286780748.png-(317 KB, 662x461, whataboutccatholics.png)
317 KB
Not a song but /co/ related
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:06 No.20474258
     File1286780765.jpg-(39 KB, 646x469, Capture.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:06 No.20474260

>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:06 No.20474262
     File1286780783.png-(205 KB, 660x459, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.0(...).png)
205 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:07 No.20474277
     File1286780834.jpg-(43 KB, 672x459, belle 3.jpg)
43 KB
The fuck is she reading?
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:07 No.20474292
Hellfire doesn't really have any funny bits sadly enough
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:08 No.20474296
     File1286780904.png-(172 KB, 655x411, goodweekend.png)
172 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:08 No.20474297
oh no :( shit, what about another song from that movie?
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:08 No.20474301
     File1286780922.png-(211 KB, 655x460, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.0(...).png)
211 KB
Oh my.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:09 No.20474316
     File1286780972.jpg-(88 KB, 660x562, poorunfortunatesouls7.jpg)
88 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:09 No.20474317
     File1286780978.jpg-(41 KB, 682x457, BLACKS IN AFGHANISTAN.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:10 No.20474325
     File1286781001.png-(226 KB, 649x402, elizabeth.png)
226 KB
>> ✰ Sailor /co/smos ✰ !!1VlogF0StMp 10/11/10(Mon)03:10 No.20474326
     File1286781001.png-(165 KB, 680x456, Screenshot_Mulan.png)
165 KB
that salameh
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:10 No.20474332
We'll be the judge of that.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:11 No.20474350
     File1286781098.png-(186 KB, 673x542, poorunfortunatesouls8.png)
186 KB
Oh wow.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:11 No.20474353
     File1286781110.png-(244 KB, 657x461, hunchback.png)
244 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:12 No.20474360
     File1286781149.png-(280 KB, 656x406, burning.png)
280 KB
So violent.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:12 No.20474370
     File1286781175.jpg-(124 KB, 650x455, shedied.jpg)
124 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:13 No.20474386
     File1286781238.png-(221 KB, 657x461, checkoutmasingles.png)
221 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:14 No.20474390
     File1286781245.png-(229 KB, 671x604, poorunfortunatesouls9.png)
229 KB
Ursula I don't think she's ready for that yet
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:14 No.20474392
     File1286781247.png-(433 KB, 990x639, what.png)
433 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:14 No.20474397
     File1286781276.gif-(32 KB, 316x240, 1284704009439.gif)
32 KB
>this thread
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:15 No.20474411
Oh god I can't stop laughing, just look at her fucking
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:15 No.20474414
check em?
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:16 No.20474426
     File1286781373.gif-(2.23 MB, 387x251, 1282633455679.gif)
2.23 MB

I need more /co/ related reaction pictures of laughing
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:16 No.20474429
     File1286781382.png-(180 KB, 651x404, yesitwas.png)
180 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:16 No.20474436
actually meant
by the way. my fits of laughter made it hard to post.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:17 No.20474445
     File1286781443.png-(312 KB, 480x326, gaston.png)
312 KB
Do you want?
>> ✰ Sailor /co/smos ✰ !!1VlogF0StMp 10/11/10(Mon)03:17 No.20474449
     File1286781469.png-(199 KB, 663x451, Screenshot2.png)
199 KB
>> The Envious Envy !99o3ns1eSo 10/11/10(Mon)03:18 No.20474457
     File1286781511.jpg-(10 KB, 236x365, 1284236189304.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:18 No.20474461
     File1286781539.jpg-(149 KB, 650x455, clinton.jpg)
149 KB
those fucking humanitarians
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:19 No.20474462
     File1286781541.png-(100 KB, 304x288, readit.png)
100 KB


oh god my fucking stomach ooowww
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:19 No.20474476
I can't seem to find a video with the option available
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:20 No.20474481
>you want this Belle?

clinton's stance on treaty native american rights
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:20 No.20474485
     File1286781611.png-(285 KB, 661x458, BNcap.png)
285 KB
Oh god.
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:20 No.20474487
lol wat
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:20 No.20474497
     File1286781658.png-(376 KB, 729x512, IALMOSTCHOKEDONAPOTATOCHIP.png)
376 KB
Not a song, but dear lord I almost choked on a potato chip, hence the file name.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:21 No.20474514
     File1286781704.png-(271 KB, 662x518, laws.png)
271 KB
This is my new favorite game.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:21 No.20474516
     File1286781706.png-(329 KB, 654x458, hello.png)
329 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:21 No.20474522
I'd don rickles HIS issue
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:24 No.20474559
     File1286781862.png-(103 KB, 655x464, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.2(...).png)
103 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:24 No.20474560
     File1286781865.gif-(51 KB, 338x407, I'dDonRicklesHISissue.gif)
51 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:24 No.20474561
     File1286781868.png-(289 KB, 675x522, dont know.png)
289 KB
>> Lord Ooo 10/11/10(Mon)03:24 No.20474562
     File1286781869.png-(186 KB, 638x385, lol.png)
186 KB
i agree, youtube.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:24 No.20474564
     File1286781874.png-(158 KB, 654x451, partaay.png)
158 KB
I lied, hellfire has a couple good ones
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:25 No.20474585
     File1286781957.png-(140 KB, 655x458, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.2(...).png)
140 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:26 No.20474588
     File1286781970.png-(144 KB, 650x511, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.2(...).png)
144 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:26 No.20474590
     File1286781982.png-(416 KB, 757x528, WHAT.png)
416 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:26 No.20474596

>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:27 No.20474611
     File1286782039.png-(347 KB, 648x400, firstuse.png)
347 KB
Totally insaney.
>> ✰ Sailor /co/smos ✰ !!1VlogF0StMp 10/11/10(Mon)03:27 No.20474613
     File1286782045.png-(228 KB, 657x465, Screenshot3.png)
228 KB
well i'm not reassured at all
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:27 No.20474614
     File1286782050.png-(184 KB, 656x461, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.2(...).png)
184 KB
I'm avoiding that ship.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:28 No.20474624
     File1286782082.jpg-(32 KB, 642x361, Frollo1.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:28 No.20474632
     File1286782104.jpg-(26 KB, 651x449, lolwut.jpg)
26 KB
wait a minute...
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:28 No.20474639
     File1286782127.jpg-(31 KB, 641x365, Frollo2.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:29 No.20474647
     File1286782158.png-(478 KB, 800x600, Iwould.png)
478 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:29 No.20474649
     File1286782166.jpg-(142 KB, 650x455, dnamagic.jpg)
142 KB
It's magic.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:29 No.20474654
     File1286782185.png-(435 KB, 996x520, ANDTHENNNNN.png)
435 KB

>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:30 No.20474656
lol improvisation

This thread has to be archived
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:30 No.20474667
     File1286782243.png-(434 KB, 800x600, Hewouldbeonbenches.png)
434 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:30 No.20474671
I'm having a hard time finding videos with the CC option. Are there any tricks to it?
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:31 No.20474677
     File1286782291.png-(179 KB, 655x455, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
179 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:31 No.20474683
     File1286782313.jpg-(29 KB, 640x363, Frollo3.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:32 No.20474688
     File1286782321.png-(423 KB, 650x400, micheal moore.png)
423 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474711
     File1286782389.png-(302 KB, 647x503, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
302 KB
doesn't really seem like a reason to celebrate
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474712
Took someone long enough.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474718
     File1286782417.jpg-(36 KB, 648x496, dead.jpg)
36 KB
no shit sherlock
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474721
     File1286782429.jpg-(139 KB, 650x455, dieacoupletimes.jpg)
139 KB
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474723
     File1286782430.png-(163 KB, 659x460, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
163 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474724
     File1286782433.png-(400 KB, 800x600, definitecorelated.png)
400 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:33 No.20474725
     File1286782438.jpg-(31 KB, 675x455, YES PLEASE.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:34 No.20474727
     File1286782443.jpg-(30 KB, 640x358, Frollo4.jpg)
30 KB
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)03:34 No.20474729
     File1286782456.png-(208 KB, 528x335, audiotranscriber1.png)
208 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:34 No.20474733
     File1286782466.jpg-(66 KB, 642x481, hitler.jpg)
66 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:34 No.20474737
     File1286782481.jpg-(35 KB, 641x363, Frollo5.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:34 No.20474740
     File1286782489.png-(281 KB, 800x600, batchaircopter.png)
281 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:34 No.20474741

holy shit I'm picturing him say this it's so funny
>geez... frollo... you totally just pushed this girl down some stairs. I mean, bro, most people don't want to DO that!!
>> ✰ Sailor /co/smos ✰ !!1VlogF0StMp 10/11/10(Mon)03:35 No.20474754
     File1286782550.png-(221 KB, 672x447, Screenshot4.png)
221 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:36 No.20474756
     File1286782570.png-(686 KB, 1366x768, hellfire.png)
686 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:36 No.20474758
>b-but master, I don't want to draw 34 of you for the fan girls... p-please...
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:36 No.20474764
     File1286782599.jpg-(28 KB, 642x356, Frollo6.jpg)
28 KB
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:36 No.20474767
     File1286782610.png-(173 KB, 661x456, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
173 KB
Yeah, that's how I'd feel, too.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:37 No.20474773
     File1286782635.jpg-(30 KB, 637x361, Frollo7.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:37 No.20474779
     File1286782648.jpg-(26 KB, 654x451, blood.jpg)
26 KB
that's a good lesson, thanks priest
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:37 No.20474784
Yea none of the vids I found have cc option.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:38 No.20474786
     File1286782686.png-(476 KB, 652x400, huh.png)
476 KB
I don't remember this part of the movie.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:38 No.20474795
     File1286782717.jpg-(34 KB, 663x459, obama.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:39 No.20474805
     File1286782747.png-(249 KB, 654x504, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
249 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:39 No.20474810
just some normal smalltalk conversation at the bookstore
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:39 No.20474815
     File1286782779.png-(251 KB, 643x389, bobdole.png)
251 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:39 No.20474816
     File1286782779.png-(263 KB, 650x511, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
263 KB
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)03:40 No.20474824
     File1286782803.png-(133 KB, 473x321, audiotranscriber2.png)
133 KB
Look for more recently posted videos.

This one I found was posted in '09.
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:40 No.20474825
     File1286782804.png-(206 KB, 657x460, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.3(...).png)
206 KB
Mrs. Potts on abstinence-only sex ed.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:40 No.20474833
     File1286782822.jpg-(50 KB, 637x466, russia.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:41 No.20474849
     File1286782876.jpg-(30 KB, 646x449, italy.jpg)
30 KB
now it's canon, no one can swim in italy
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)03:42 No.20474864
     File1286782939.png-(179 KB, 477x315, audiotranscriber3.png)
179 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:42 No.20474873
     File1286782976.jpg-(127 KB, 650x455, pregnancy.jpg)
127 KB
I think so too.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:44 No.20474891
     File1286783062.jpg-(177 KB, 857x593, SCIENTISTS.jpg)
177 KB
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)03:45 No.20474900
Actually, disregard that. I looked up "Friends on the Other Side" and the video didn't have it.

So I guess it varies.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:45 No.20474911
     File1286783146.jpg-(41 KB, 666x446, arnold1.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:45 No.20474912
     File1286783150.png-(207 KB, 647x510, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.4(...).png)
207 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:47 No.20474930
     File1286783225.jpg-(145 KB, 650x455, billclinton.jpg)
145 KB
That lucky bastard.
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:47 No.20474935
     File1286783231.png-(32 KB, 114x107, johntravoltaissuprised.png)
32 KB
>> Hoodoo !oCHsyMELEY 10/11/10(Mon)03:47 No.20474941
     File1286783250.jpg-(75 KB, 667x388, Helga1.jpg)
75 KB
Yeah ok, couldn't resist this one
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:47 No.20474950
     File1286783276.jpg-(42 KB, 636x468, russia.jpg)
42 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:48 No.20474955
     File1286783292.png-(339 KB, 663x431, Imfull.png)
339 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:48 No.20474957
     File1286783295.jpg-(41 KB, 668x459, arnold2.jpg)
41 KB
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:48 No.20474965
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:49 No.20474966
     File1286783344.jpg-(138 KB, 650x455, neveragain.jpg)
138 KB
At least it's only once.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:49 No.20474967
     File1286783349.jpg-(25 KB, 648x451, yesterday.jpg)
25 KB
That is what happens when you drink far too much
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:49 No.20474977

>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:51 No.20475000
     File1286783476.jpg-(6 KB, 179x188, 1285347967728.jpg)
6 KB
Fucking made me choke on my pizza
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:51 No.20475002
This.....this was a good idea OP.
>> Hoodoo !oCHsyMELEY 10/11/10(Mon)03:52 No.20475021
     File1286783538.jpg-(70 KB, 658x399, Helga1.jpg)
70 KB
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:52 No.20475024
     File1286783546.png-(174 KB, 656x462, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.5(...).png)
174 KB
How am I the first person the request an archive on this?

Get on it!
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:53 No.20475036
     File1286783583.jpg-(44 KB, 636x474, fast.jpg)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:53 No.20475044
     File1286783605.jpg-(40 KB, 668x459, arnold3.jpg)
40 KB
I think I just made a political cartoon...
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:53 No.20475049
     File1286783621.jpg-(45 KB, 632x460, fast2.jpg)
45 KB
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:54 No.20475065
     File1286783682.png-(200 KB, 653x466, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.5(...).png)
200 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:55 No.20475075
     File1286783727.jpg-(47 KB, 628x474, fast3.jpg)
47 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:55 No.20475077
     File1286783729.jpg-(38 KB, 648x451, boobs.jpg)
38 KB
can you blame him?
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:56 No.20475088
     File1286783777.png-(149 KB, 655x463, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.5(...).png)
149 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:56 No.20475091
     File1286783783.jpg-(82 KB, 640x480, Image46.jpg)
82 KB
Thanks, I was looking at the swan princess videos for some reason and I decided to fuck around with it. Not a bad thread we got here, /co/mrades.
>> ✰ Sailor /co/smos ✰ !!1VlogF0StMp 10/11/10(Mon)03:56 No.20475095
     File1286783799.png-(137 KB, 661x404, Selection_002.png)
137 KB

better get on that, Sarena

not /co/ related I know but hey
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:57 No.20475100

I'm dyin here
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:57 No.20475101
     File1286783837.png-(221 KB, 577x304, 1256891847156.png)
221 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:58 No.20475118
>Congrats, your request has just triggered the archival process for thread 20473407
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)03:58 No.20475124
     File1286783933.png-(158 KB, 652x463, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 12.5(...).png)
158 KB
Ariel doing quasi-celebrity impersonations.
>> Hoodoo !oCHsyMELEY 10/11/10(Mon)03:58 No.20475125
     File1286783935.jpg-(87 KB, 637x370, Helga1.jpg)
87 KB
Brian's an ugly fucker
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)03:59 No.20475136
Just visiting from /tg/, and this made me laugh for a whole different reason.
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)03:59 No.20475137
hahaha what

Man, the deaf are gonna be fucked up thanks to youtube now.
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)04:00 No.20475154
     File1286784050.png-(246 KB, 475x351, audiotranscriber4.png)
246 KB
>> loves2spooge 10/11/10(Mon)04:00 No.20475155
     File1286784055.jpg-(59 KB, 631x354, hitler.jpg)
59 KB
Oh shit nigger I am laughing so hard
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)04:01 No.20475165
     File1286784104.png-(183 KB, 657x464, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 1.00(...).png)
183 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:01 No.20475167
     File1286784119.png-(289 KB, 663x431, wat.png)
289 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:02 No.20475170
     File1286784125.png-(222 KB, 649x452, dwarves.png)
222 KB
So that's what their yodeling meant...
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:02 No.20475174
     File1286784147.jpg-(62 KB, 588x474, fast3.jpg)
62 KB
Jasmine doesn't care about black people.
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)04:02 No.20475175
     File1286784148.png-(207 KB, 476x355, audiotranscriber5.png)
207 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:03 No.20475186
Already posted.
>> Zog I Of Albania !!L1OM7C8MGHT 10/11/10(Mon)04:03 No.20475188
     File1286784201.jpg-(43 KB, 350x218, 1282543020652.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:03 No.20475193
     File1286784222.jpg-(45 KB, 644x500, life.jpg)
45 KB
Oh god...
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:03 No.20475197

Veneral disease no doubt
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)04:04 No.20475198
     File1286784240.png-(172 KB, 658x464, Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 1.03(...).png)
172 KB
Flounder: Always finishes first.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:04 No.20475202
     File1286784252.png-(152 KB, 654x507, STANDS.png)
152 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:04 No.20475207
     File1286784273.png-(123 KB, 657x405, Picture 1.png)
123 KB
How does the kitty cat go?
>> RAWSHARK !LKF3euGQa6 10/11/10(Mon)04:05 No.20475214
     File1286784306.png-(226 KB, 455x351, audiotranscriber6.png)
226 KB
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:05 No.20475226
     File1286784350.jpg-(41 KB, 665x442, arnold4.jpg)
41 KB
Someone needs to put a rorschack mask on arnie...
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:06 No.20475228
     File1286784360.jpg-(228 KB, 864x604, 1223345343542342.jpg)
228 KB
> "out of service, out of africa, i wouldn't hang about..."
>> Hoodoo !oCHsyMELEY 10/11/10(Mon)04:07 No.20475248
Image limit reached.... new thread?
>> The Fame Monster !ttSqJr1Igc 10/11/10(Mon)04:07 No.20475250
Limit hit! Making new thread.
>> Anonymous 10/11/10(Mon)04:08 No.20475259
Fucking Anime girls.