File : 1281602502.jpg-(25 KB, 550x305, 01.jpg)
25 KB Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:41 No.19326600  
Time for a short PSA about the universe and your place in it.
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:42 No.19326607
     File1281602530.jpg-(59 KB, 550x305, 02.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:42 No.19326612
Is this a Chick Tract?
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:42 No.19326616
     File1281602562.jpg-(55 KB, 550x305, 03.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:43 No.19326624
     File1281602593.jpg-(51 KB, 550x305, 04.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:43 No.19326631
>I have it all...fame, wealth...a wonderful wife and kids... So why do I feel like something is missing from my life?

You're gay?
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:43 No.19326633
     File1281602639.jpg-(60 KB, 550x305, 05.jpg)
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Technically, no.
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:44 No.19326643
     File1281602673.jpg-(62 KB, 550x305, 06.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:45 No.19326655
     File1281602707.jpg-(63 KB, 550x305, 07.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:45 No.19326666
     File1281602759.jpg-(53 KB, 641x425, reading-from-computer.jpg)
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Ah yes.. well... Continue.
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:46 No.19326667
     File1281602760.jpg-(50 KB, 550x305, 08.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:46 No.19326670
     File1281602793.jpg-(48 KB, 550x305, 09.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:47 No.19326677
     File1281602830.jpg-(67 KB, 550x305, 10.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:48 No.19326687
     File1281602893.jpg-(61 KB, 550x305, 11.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:48 No.19326692
     File1281602936.jpg-(41 KB, 550x305, 12.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:49 No.19326697
Howard Phillip Lovecraft
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:49 No.19326702
     File1281602990.jpg-(56 KB, 550x305, 13.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:50 No.19326707
     File1281603025.jpg-(64 KB, 550x305, 14.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:51 No.19326714
     File1281603064.jpg-(53 KB, 550x305, 15.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:51 No.19326719
This is fucking hilarious. Please say there's more.
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:51 No.19326725
     File1281603110.jpg-(60 KB, 550x305, 16.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:52 No.19326731
     File1281603144.jpg-(52 KB, 550x305, 17.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:52 No.19326735
No, Jack Chick sued
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:52 No.19326738
I remember recently there was a Christian mother who killed her children for a similar reason.
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:53 No.19326744
     File1281603205.jpg-(50 KB, 550x305, 18.jpg)
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And here's the end.

MU, just because:
1281603232576.jpg" target="_blank">1281603232.jpg-(96 KB, 478x640, 2010-07-25 11.48.25.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:54 No.19326761
     File1281603284.jpg-(188 KB, 912x681, 2010-07-25 14.35.00.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:57 No.19326781
Cthulhu bless you OP, may you walk in his dark and slimy path ever and always.
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)04:59 No.19326809
Read any good books lately?
>> Anonymous 08/12/10(Thu)05:00 No.19326824
Just spreading the good news. We're all doomed, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.