File : 1275526247.jpg-(70 KB, 584x736, sfgrover.jpg)
70 KB Sesame Street Fighter Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:50 No.17311828  
this might be more for /v/, but puppets have been determined to be /co/-related. Besides, I don't hang out in /v/. /co/ is awesome.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:51 No.17311851
     File1275526287.jpg-(66 KB, 584x893, sfbigbird.jpg)
66 KB
You must admit, you've seen worse
>> Movie Theater Lad !/RUz7lnpiY 06/02/10(Wed)20:51 No.17311867
Sooooo... Bert is Ryu and Ernie is Ken?
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:52 No.17311875
     File1275526329.jpg-(98 KB, 584x1023, sfoscar.jpg)
98 KB
This one, well, I lol'd a little when I saw it
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:52 No.17311880
show cookie monster pls!
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:52 No.17311893
     File1275526373.jpg-(101 KB, 584x1030, sfburtandernie.jpg)
101 KB
That obvious? Yeah, its that obvious.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:53 No.17311912
These are actually delightfully humorous. More?
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:53 No.17311914
     File1275526415.jpg-(37 KB, 584x459, sfcookie.jpg)
37 KB
anon delivers
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:53 No.17311917
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:53 No.17311919
Elmo as Chun Li lol
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:54 No.17311926
     File1275526452.jpg-(45 KB, 584x584, sfgurmit.jpg)
45 KB
Miss Piggie is hilarious. Next is her.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:54 No.17311937
I got dragged into Spencers and they had a belt buckle that was Bert and Ernie's head over a rainbow pattern. Officially licensed and everything.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:54 No.17311943
     File1275526493.jpg-(64 KB, 584x770, sfpiggy.jpg)
64 KB
good guess, but no
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:55 No.17311951
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:55 No.17311961
Elmo is Bison. Calling it now.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:55 No.17311963
     File1275526544.jpg-(99 KB, 773x1000, sftelly.jpg)
99 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:56 No.17311966
Seconding this. Who is Bison?
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:56 No.17311969
the count is bison?
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:56 No.17311980
     File1275526592.jpg-(44 KB, 584x755, sfelmobison.jpg)
44 KB
Get it? Elmo is red and so are Commies?
>> Bats !!E4asSdHvKe1 06/02/10(Wed)20:56 No.17311988
Because it's actually funny and cool.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:57 No.17312007
     File1275526647.jpg-(54 KB, 584x744, sfrolf.jpg)
54 KB
Last I found. Sry, no Count.
>> Anonymous 06/02/10(Wed)20:58 No.17312045
I can't ID big bird. Been too long since I played a street fighter.
>> Laertes !5ZNCcG9gZM 06/02/10(Wed)20:59 No.17312052
Not puppets, muppets. What is a muppet, you ask?