File : 1267719769.jpg-(53 KB, 231x138, 1237871518486.jpg)
53 KB Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:22 No.15007138  
Let's do this.
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:25 No.15007167
     File1267719901.jpg-(157 KB, 462x239, 1237871577828.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:25 No.15007175
     File1267719934.jpg-(133 KB, 462x239, 1237871616559.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:26 No.15007180
     File1267719964.jpg-(146 KB, 462x239, 1237871739307.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:26 No.15007185
     File1267720006.jpg-(134 KB, 462x239, 1237871785225.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:27 No.15007198
     File1267720048.jpg-(135 KB, 462x239, 1237871958756.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:28 No.15007217
     File1267720129.jpg-(137 KB, 462x239, 1237871991497.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:29 No.15007225
     File1267720176.jpg-(133 KB, 462x239, 1237872204905.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:30 No.15007234
     File1267720225.jpg-(138 KB, 462x239, 1237872257710.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:30 No.15007237
     File1267720259.jpg-(136 KB, 462x239, 1237872310736.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:31 No.15007243
     File1267720296.jpg-(137 KB, 462x239, 1237872603220.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:32 No.15007256
     File1267720367.jpg-(146 KB, 462x239, 1237872700296.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:33 No.15007261
     File1267720414.jpg-(142 KB, 462x239, 1237872759171.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:34 No.15007268
     File1267720450.jpg-(138 KB, 550x667, hiro.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:34 No.15007269
     File1267720461.jpg-(136 KB, 462x239, 1237872824023.jpg)
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>> DeadFool !!t84nqyCI0hV 03/04/10(Thu)11:35 No.15007275
     File1267720501.jpg-(4 KB, 160x135, what.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:35 No.15007277
     File1267720506.jpg-(138 KB, 462x239, 1237874250029.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:35 No.15007284
This is based off a Jack Chick comic isn't it?
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:35 No.15007285
     File1267720543.jpg-(145 KB, 462x239, 1237874386238.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:36 No.15007291
     File1267720578.jpg-(134 KB, 462x239, 1237874530727.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:37 No.15007299
     File1267720623.jpg-(138 KB, 462x239, 1237874658127.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:37 No.15007303
No shit, sherlock.
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:37 No.15007309
OH but it is so much better
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:37 No.15007313
     File1267720677.jpg-(137 KB, 462x239, 1237874709161.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:38 No.15007319
     File1267720717.jpg-(143 KB, 462x239, 1237875094921.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:38 No.15007325
I want a t-shirt saying "I beat Zombism"
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:39 No.15007330
     File1267720752.jpg-(129 KB, 462x239, 1237875151626.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:40 No.15007338

Go to ... with a bit of money you can make the shirt yourself. :)
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:40 No.15007342
Now post the original so we can laugh at that too
>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:40 No.15007347
     File1267720828.jpg-(121 KB, 462x239, 1237875199910.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)11:41 No.15007353