File :1204054157.jpg-(17 KB, 400x400, 8ball_large.jpg)
17 KB 02/26/08(Tue)14:29:17 No.55819749  
Do you have question? A query that you'd like the answer to? Maybe your just curious...
Ask the,
"Magic 8-Ball Of Ineffable Wisdom!"
Ask a question and the last two numbers of your post will give you your answer!

00-05: Signs point to yes.
16-10: Yes.
11-15: Reply hazy, try again.
16-20: Without a doubt.
21-25: My sources say no.
26-30: As I see it, yes.
31-35: You may rely on it.
36-40: Concentrate and ask again.
41-45: Outlook not so good.
46-50: It is decidedly so.
51-55: Better not tell you now.
56-60: Very doubtful.
61-65: Yes - definitely.
66-70: It is certain.
71-75: Cannot predict now.
76-80: Most likely.
81-85: Ask again later.
86-90: My reply is no.
91-95: Outlook good.
96-99: Don't count on it.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:30:49 No.55819907
Do I have a PENIS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:31:30 No.55819983
Will I ever get laid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:31:47 No.55820020
Will I get laid this weekend?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:32:26 No.55820087
will i get laid this next week?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:32:40 No.55820107
Will I ever get laid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:32:44 No.55820119
will i ever get caught wanking?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:01 No.55820156
Will I get laid this month?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:03 No.55820160
Should I post nudes on 4chan?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:34 No.55820217
Your 8-ball is wrong. It says I'll get laid, LOL
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:38 No.55820222
does OP have AIDS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:39 No.55820227
so... has this fish gone bad?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:47 No.55820241
Does this thread suck?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:54 No.55820256
will i be god now?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:57 No.55820265
Will Obama win the presidency?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:33:58 No.55820268
Is moot a huge faggot?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:34:04 No.55820280
you mean 06-10 i assume, you put 16-10 though. THERE IS NOTHING FOR 06-10!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:34:28 No.55820324
will i get laid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:34:39 No.55820342
Where is 06-10?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:34:40 No.55820345
Will the girl i like get together with me when she gets back next week?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:34:56 No.55820373
Will my PENIS fall off due to aids?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:34:56 No.55820374
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:35:07 No.55820388
Is God real?

I doubt this will point to the correct answer (which is yes) but hey if it does maybe this 8-ball thing works.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:35:37 No.55820454
Should i choose an even date or odd to do my university rampage?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:35:41 No.55820462


Will I be lonely much longer?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:36:08 No.55820514
Lol 8 ball is wrong.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:36:16 No.55820535
Is this thread full of fail?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:36:28 No.55820558
Will I ever lose my manboobs without operation
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:37:05 No.55820645
will i ever lose my manboobs without operation (2nd try... please say yes)
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:37:55 No.55820735

>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:38:47 No.55820828
does she love me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:39:05 No.55820866
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:39:07 No.55820869
     File :1204054747.jpg-(46 KB, 410x331, 8ball4rea.jpg)
46 KB
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:39:44 No.55820946
Wow is that from GTA?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:40:00 No.55820974
Am I going to get laid this weekend?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:40:33 No.55821016

>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:40:59 No.55821060
Will /b/ ever be back to the good ol' days?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:41:30 No.55821112
most of the options are positive... does OP suck cock so bad as it seems?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:41:36 No.55821123
Should I go out and get pizza for dinner?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:41:41 No.55821135
May I divide by zero?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:41:42 No.55821136
powned again!!! lolz!!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:41:52 No.55821154
inb4 /b/ was never good
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:41:57 No.55821160
do i start fapping soon?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:42:15 No.55821196
will i get laid over spring break?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:42:33 No.55821227
GTA 3..
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:42:33 No.55821228
     File :1204054953.gif-(11 KB, 200x200, 1196741087014.gif)
11 KB

>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:42:34 No.55821233
     File :1204054954.jpg-(343 KB, 414x2903, 1202676124218.jpg)
343 KB
If I put all my heart into it, can I be an epic trap?

pic unrelated
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:43:11 No.55821279
Will I become an hero?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:43:29 No.55821303
Does he love me...?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:43:43 No.55821327
will she come crawling back?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:43:53 No.55821340
Will my PENIS ever erect?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:43:58 No.55821350
Does /b/ = Random ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:01 No.55821353
Will I still be alive this time next year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:25 No.55821386
do i has PENIS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:39 No.55821418
     File :1204055079.jpg-(54 KB, 380x287, seaking1.jpg)
54 KB
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:45 No.55821426
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:48 No.55821432
Will I live to eat dinner tonight?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:55 No.55821445

51-55: Better not tell you now.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:44:56 No.55821448
Should I rape the emo girl I sit behind in biology?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:45:28 No.55821503
Did Bill Clinton just visit my hometown?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:45:31 No.55821506
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:45:38 No.55821525
will the rest of today suck?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:46:38 No.55821612
Will I be put in jail for fucking a 13 y/o?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:46:52 No.55821633
Thanks for getting me an answer, I was going to ask the same.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:47:01 No.55821645
do i need to get some test done. you know the kind i mean.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:47:12 No.55821653
Is OP a faggot?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:47:18 No.55821669
Said to try again.
Will I be put in jail for fucking a 13 y/o?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:47:42 No.55821710
Does he really love me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:48:02 No.55821739
Will I ever be with her ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:48:21 No.55821766

OP here.... in your face FAGGOT
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:48:29 No.55821776
Is 8ball a piece of fucking shit?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:48:35 No.55821785
Will I ever be with her ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:48:51 No.55821809
will i get laid before my next birthday?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:48:53 No.55821812
will I ever get thin?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:00 No.55821825
enjoy your years jail bird
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:06 No.55821836
Is 8ball a piece of
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:25 No.55821865
Will I ever be with her ?

>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:33 No.55821874
should i become a lesbian?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:37 No.55821881
Will I break 17 minutes in a 5K Run?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:42 No.55821886
Will I ever get thin? :(
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:49:51 No.55821898
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:50:03 No.55821919
Will I ever be fit and not fat?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:50:09 No.55821929
Fuck yeah, I love you Ball <3
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:50:15 No.55821936
Will age of conan actually come out on may 20th?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:50:31 No.55821957
Will I break 17 minutes in a 5K Run?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:50:47 No.55821987
Well fuck you, you cock sucker!
Im sure you want me to just leave and die you piece of shit!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:51:04 No.55822012
Does she really love me?
noko goes in email field
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:51:11 No.55822026

I lol'd
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:51:19 No.55822037
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:51:30 No.55822055
Will AoC come out on may 20th GAWD DAMN IT!?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:51:38 No.55822070
Would I have gotten a girl if I'd have gone out tonight?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:51:59 No.55822107
will josh and i be together again?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:52:16 No.55822134
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:52:35 No.55822166
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:52:43 No.55822189
Does she really love me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:52:44 No.55822191
Will it work between the two of us?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:52:44 No.55822193
Was /b/ always this bad?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:52:46 No.55822198
     File :1204055566.jpg-(37 KB, 250x188, candlejack.jpg)
37 KB
Does Candlejack really come after peo
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:09 No.55822234
this stupid thing is broken. there are a bunch of numbers left out
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:20 No.55822251
Will I be succesful in life?

If it says no, I WILL become an hero.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:24 No.55822264
is milhouse a meme?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:31 No.55822281

outlook good
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:35 No.55822286
Should I sleep with every guy at the party?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:38 No.55822294
Will I lose my virginity this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:40 No.55822299
Does she love me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:42 No.55822302
am i awesome?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:53 No.55822318
should i wreak havoc an post the aftermath on 4chan?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:53:56 No.55822323

Will I be successful in life?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:15 No.55822362
am I awesame. Am I king in everything but name?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:18 No.55822369
i fuckin lol'd!!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:31 No.55822393

Goddamn thats a fucking paradox.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:36 No.55822405
Will I lose my weight?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:36 No.55822406
it will be done
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:41 No.55822410
will she leave him for me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:43 No.55822412
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:46 No.55822417
K an hero tiem.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:54:49 No.55822420
do you like mudkipz?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:55:09 No.55822454
Will Mollie Hampton fucks me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:55:14 No.55822459
Will I win the lottery and get fucked by the bitch at work?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:55:45 No.55822525
Will you answer this question incorrectly?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:55:50 No.55822534
Will I win the lottery and get fucked by the bitch at work?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:55:50 No.55822535
Will this post end in 86-90?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:55:59 No.55822555
am i doing it right?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:05 No.55822563
Ban for me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:07 No.55822565
     File :1204055767.jpg-(33 KB, 555x444, balls_are_touching.jpg)
33 KB
Is 8-ball gay?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:22 No.55822585
Should I get a gender change?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:30 No.55822596
Should I get up off my ass and start cleaning, like I should be doing?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:34 No.55822605
Is /b/ lame today?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:35 No.55822606
     File :1204055795.jpg-(57 KB, 550x400, milhouse_1.jpg)
57 KB
is milhouse a meme?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:56:39 No.55822615
61-65: Yes - definitely.
Yeah! 8-balls rules though it said both times she doesn´t love me. (->96-99: Don't count on it.)
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:02 No.55822649
Will I ever have sex?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:11 No.55822659
will i ever become a TRILLIONAIRE?!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:26 No.55822679
     File :1204055846.gif-(191 KB, 412x234, hypnotoad5uf.gif)
191 KB

candlejack does come after people but he ain't got shit oALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOT
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:27 No.55822680
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:36 No.55822694
Will I ever get diabeetus?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:42 No.55822702
is wanking after eating 2 ham , cheese and pickle sandwiches with crisps bad for you?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:58 No.55822727
will i break up with my gf soon?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:58 No.55822728
Would /b/ like to see a picture of the turd I just laid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:57:59 No.55822730
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:00 No.55822732
will i become a millionaire?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:13 No.55822749
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:32 No.55822780
is anon my personal army?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:35 No.55822785
will he ever pick me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:36 No.55822787
     File :1204055916.gif-(22 KB, 500x599, Milhouse8.gif)
22 KB
is milhous a meme
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:41 No.55822792
will i get laid by my next birthday?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:58:51 No.55822805
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:13 No.55822840
Is the OP a faggot?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:16 No.55822844
will i become a millionaire?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:22 No.55822850
Do I like sarah?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:23 No.55822853
Will I ever kill a person with my bare hands?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:33 No.55822870


Also am I kick ass?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:49 No.55822901
When it comes to stewed prunes, is 3 enough, or is four just too many?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)14:59:55 No.55822906

i'm gonna die as a poor man..
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:05 No.55822925
Is there something I'd hate about her that she's not telling me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:08 No.55822929
Am I gay?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:11 No.55822938
lol´d 66-70: It is certain.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:17 No.55822948
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:19 No.55822954
Will I get tons of money?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:31 No.55822972
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:00:58 No.55823012
Will I get rich?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:01:18 No.55823040
Will I ever become a millionaire?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:01:21 No.55823048
Will she take it nicely?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:01:27 No.55823055
Will I look hot with my T-shirt off by January 1st 2009?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:01:40 No.55823079
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:01:49 No.55823087
Reply hazy?
Will I get rich?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:01:58 No.55823094
is that the party van in my driveway?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:07 No.55823107
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:11 No.55823115
should i dump my boy
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:13 No.55823117
     File :1204056133.jpg-(265 KB, 720x472, Nader - 02.jpg)
265 KB
/b/ I bring great news!

RON PAUL HAS FAILED US! We supported him, we gave him publicity, but he failed to gain any momentum and now no longer has a chance!

It is time for us to support a new candidate, someone with potential for victory! I present to you RALPH NADER! He has been fighting for consumers, for all of us, in Washington for decades, and it's time we recognize his work! In addition, Nader is what we've been looking for in a candidate for months: a non-republican while male!

To see how much he actually cares for us, watch his speech from Meet the Press: (1 of 2) (2 of 2)

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:16 No.55823123
Will I ever marry the love of my life?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:20 No.55823136
Will I get laid this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:23 No.55823140
will i get enough people?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:31 No.55823150
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:41 No.55823162
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:41 No.55823163
Do I have a PENIS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:48 No.55823172
my plan in life is to win the lottery when im 25, will i need a backup plan?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:02:54 No.55823184
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:03:06 No.55823212
are niggers as dumb as they look?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:03:10 No.55823218
will i get enough people??
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:03:32 No.55823249
is my ex girlfriend pregnant?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:03:54 No.55823284
Will I get married to a girl?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:04:00 No.55823300
Will this post end in 66-70?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:04:19 No.55823331
will i ever fuck one of the hot chans?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:04:19 No.55823333
is she really?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:04:31 No.55823347
the truth be told

is this thread full of aids and cancer?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:04:31 No.55823348
Will I get married to a girl?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:04:37 No.55823361
Am I likely to become a rapist?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:05:02 No.55823413
will i ever have BUTTSEX?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:05:12 No.55823433
srsly, is she pregnant or not?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:05:20 No.55823444
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:05:44 No.55823483
you're a fucking faggot for tryiALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:05:46 No.55823488
will i ever get paid for this week?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:03 No.55823507
no rly, is she pregnant with my kid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:03 No.55823508
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:08 No.55823518
Does this girl I like like me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:18 No.55823536
Will I get laid this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:24 No.55823547

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:34 No.55823562
sage this shit
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:39 No.55823569
holy fuck, be frank with me. is she fucking pregnant or not?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:06:59 No.55823604
Will I ever be with her ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:07:01 No.55823608
Is she going to say yes?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:07:16 No.55823631
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:07:36 No.55823663
LOL @ triple fail.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:07:52 No.55823695

Is my ex girlfriend pregnant with my child?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:08:18 No.55823730
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:08:30 No.55823747
will G ever get with J?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:08:34 No.55823758

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:09:00 No.55823794

is she pregnant with my child, yes or no?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:09:08 No.55823810
LOL @ hexa fail.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:09:19 No.55823825
Do I have a big PENIS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:09:22 No.55823830 Password = dana




Delete the *

once upon a time
orchid garden 2
lady of the manor
orchid garden
reality tg
family ties
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:09:47 No.55823873
FUCK! DAMMIT! I think I'm irl efg.

So, uh... Magic 8-Ball. Is my ex preggo with my kiddo?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:09:57 No.55823892
Posting for results
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:22 No.55823921
oh, no. it's not going to be that easy, fucker. yes or no, is she pregnant with my demond seed or not.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:23 No.55823924
Will I get some today?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:33 No.55823940
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:37 No.55823946
will I ever touch a woman
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:42 No.55823953
Will I get laid this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:45 No.55823957
Do I get laid this week?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:47 No.55823960
Is OP a fag?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:10:54 No.55823977
bingo. thanks, magic 8-ball. you're a real life saver.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:11:00 No.55823989
Can I has AIDS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:11:09 No.55824008
Am I straight?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:11:36 No.55824067
jebus....Will I get laid this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:11:45 No.55824085
woohoo I win!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:00 No.55824114
Does mai angel loev me too?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:04 No.55824120

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:17 No.55824146
Are you certain that she isn't pregnant with MY child instead?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:20 No.55824156
Is there any point to my life
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:21 No.55824159

Lol.......... yeah... lucky you.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:22 No.55824161
Do I win?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:34 No.55824185
will I fuck this weekend
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:44 No.55824198
God damnit, does the chick like me you faggot ball?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:12:59 No.55824217

What decidedly so? Is she or not?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:13:08 No.55824231
does OP have a smaller than average dick?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:13:10 No.55824236
haha "my sources say no"
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:13:42 No.55824293
You may rely on it.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:13:44 No.55824296

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:14:05 No.55824327
Magic 8 Ball... Will Melissa say yes to me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:14:37 No.55824384
     File :1204056877.jpg-(45 KB, 450x600, 1201109741781.jpg)
45 KB
The girl I have a crush on will outweigh the fact I'm a hideous fat virgin on the fact I have a great personality and we get along really well, and will date me!

C'MON ;_;
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:14:50 No.55824410
Oh magic 8ball, should I do heroin and then beat up my girlfriend?
I will post pics depending on outcome, so hope for epic. My dealer just dropped off a packet+clean needle for me.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:14:52 No.55824418
Iam going to find a girl that will truely love me ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:21 No.55824480
Good luck with my ex, fagfag. Fucks like mad, but DAMN does she bitch.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:36 No.55824507
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:40 No.55824514
am i jesus? if i am, i now give all the power of the world to /b/. JESUS OUT!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:44 No.55824523
     File :1204056944.jpg-(31 KB, 720x300, 1199839990975.jpg)
31 KB

The girl I have a crush on will outweigh the fact I'm a hideous fat virgin on the fact I have a great personality and we get along really well, and will date me!

C'MON ;_;

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:44 No.55824524
Is this thread epic?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:45 No.55824526
Will 4chan eventually rule the world?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:15:49 No.55824535
lol get ready for a black eye, bitches.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:17 No.55824592
*secret question*
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:18 No.55824595
Alright, JESUS OUT!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:36 No.55824624
Will i get laid by a hot girl?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:37 No.55824627
Should I do my homework?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:47 No.55824639
Oh, great magic eight ball, will OP ever be able to tell the difference between "your" and "you're"?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:52 No.55824647
Does anyone care?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:56 No.55824653
Does the girl like me now?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:16:59 No.55824656

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:17:10 No.55824669
Will it become epic?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:17:34 No.55824713

Tell me now 8ball!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:17:44 No.55824727
ba, mf.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:17:53 No.55824744

no srsly!
Will 4chan eventually rule the world?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:18:01 No.55824761
Will candlejack ever
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:18:03 No.55824766
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:18:05 No.55824770
i am, shit takes a second to prepare.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:18:14 No.55824786
Does he like me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:18:21 No.55824798

Stop being a dick!"£$%&*(

Would this girl date me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:18:56 No.55824858

Fuck. What about her then? Would that other one?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:19:20 No.55824912
When will they combine again?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:19:22 No.55824918
Magic 8-Ball Of Ineffable Wisdom,

is she the one?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:19:34 No.55824935
Will I flunk out of school?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:19:37 No.55824940


Is there anyone I know who would remotely consider dating me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:17 No.55825020

Will I still be successful?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:24 No.55825031
can i score with the girl aat the azn imbiz?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:28 No.55825043

I'm asking again, any of the girls at my college who think I'm in any way attractive and would love me, hold me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:30 No.55825050
Will I ever hook up with her?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:37 No.55825060
     File :1204057237.jpg-(25 KB, 460x350, 26-2-08pictures.jpg)
25 KB
fuck yeah seaking
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:39 No.55825062
Jews did WTC.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:20:44 No.55825074
Am I the Lord Jesus Christ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:23 No.55825149
will i get back with my hot ex? you know, the one who publicly dumped me and ruined my life so much that i now live in the dark lurking on /b/
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:24 No.55825150
aw, what the shit.

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:32 No.55825165
Am I the Lord Jesus Christ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:34 No.55825170

Will I get a hot chick when I go to uni then :<
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:36 No.55825175
Will I ever be a cute trap?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:46 No.55825189
will i get laid within in the next 3 months
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:46 No.55825193

>61-65: Yes - definitely.

.rar .rar .rar .rar .rar .rar
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:21:49 No.55825199
Suck my cock.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:07 No.55825228
am i gay?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:11 No.55825235
Will I lose my virginity in '08?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:14 No.55825238
LulZ, Jesus lurks /b/.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:14 No.55825239
Are my ACT scores going to be good?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:28 No.55825272
ITT: Fag dies when he shoots up heroin for the first time because a magic 8 ball on /b/ told him to.
Wouldn't it be more appropriate to try cocaine?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:31 No.55825281

Yay! Will she be sexy and beautiful, with dark hair and blue eyes?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:39 No.55825298

Ok, then I'm fine!!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:45 No.55825313
Will I ever get to make out with that girl
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:46 No.55825315
man i didnt need an 8-ball to tell me that
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:22:49 No.55825326
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:05 No.55825350
will it happen oh magic one?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:08 No.55825357
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:14 No.55825368
ACT scores? Good?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:20 No.55825379
will i fail any of my classes?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:21 No.55825380
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:40 No.55825412
Will Erika and I break up before College?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:43 No.55825422

Oh fine. One last thing to ask of you 8-Ball, will I ever go out with Pineapple?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:54 No.55825440
Does Haley love me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:23:54 No.55825441
Will that chick i like ever like me?

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:04 No.55825462
will I ever find true love?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:05 No.55825463
Flawless victory?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:22 No.55825492
will I fap today?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:25 No.55825498

don't count on it mo-fo
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:35 No.55825518
will i have the willpower to stop fucking anything that moves?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:38 No.55825520
Will I pass my year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:50 No.55825540
Does haley love me
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:24:59 No.55825553
now, will it be in the next five years?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:12 No.55825574

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:20 No.55825590
Will I be someone one day?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:23 No.55825596
Will I lose a lot of weight?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:26 No.55825601
wtf... I got 40 twice now
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:36 No.55825613
MAH BOI, is this peace what all true warriors strive for?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:36 No.55825615
should I spend 160$ on a trip to have full consensual sex in missionary position?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:25:37 No.55825616
*asks question*
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:26:12 No.55825674
again: should I spend 160$ on a trip to have full consensual sex in missionary position?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:26:18 No.55825682
now, last one. Is this all real?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:26:18 No.55825684
will i succeed in my goal to stop fapping
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:26:27 No.55825702

Honestly? Are you just trying to crush my hopes?

Tell me truthfully now, does she think I'm hot?

My life depends on this answer.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:26:27 No.55825705
Should I wait for Kate?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:26:52 No.55825753
should I spend 160$ on a trip to have full consensual sex in missionary position?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:27:03 No.55825766
is she >pregnant?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:27:24 No.55825793
Will our ritual succeed? Will He rise from His sleep in R'lyeh and rule the earth by 2012 as predicted?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:27:26 No.55825797
Dear magic 8 ball,
is OP a gigantic faggot?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:27:26 No.55825798
Do i love him ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:27:29 No.55825803
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:28:12 No.55825867
will i succeed in my goal to stop fapping
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:28:50 No.55825942
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:29:06 No.55825960
Am I rite?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:29:35 No.55826009
will i fuck 2 chickz in 2 dayz?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:29:38 No.55826016
Magic 8-Ball Of Ineffable Wisdom!

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:29:45 No.55826030
Will 4chan's future be in peril?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:30:01 No.55826055
Does it mean good for us or good for humanity?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:30:40 No.55826135
will this post end in a 2?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:30:50 No.55826148
Does the world end in 2012?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:31:16 No.55826193
When He rises, will 4chan die?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:31:25 No.55826218
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:32:11 No.55826294


I'll die a virgin /b/.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:32:58 No.55826371
Does /b/ like niggers?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:33:34 No.55826412
Will i ever fuck my ex girlfrend ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:34:06 No.55826474
Ok, another question: Did she understood the number sequence I wrote in the birthday card I gave her last sunday?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:34:25 No.55826516
8/8/08 ... BOOM!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:34:31 No.55826528
Again... Will i ever fuck my ex girlfrend ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:34:31 No.55826530
Clearly this is more than chance. Join us or by 2012, your fate will be worse than anything imaginable by mankind.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:34:39 No.55826547
Is naruto worth watching?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:35:10 No.55826606
Ok, that didn't worked... Another one: Did she liked the half kiss I gave her last sunday?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:35:44 No.55826662
I'd say the 8-ball is functioning perfectly.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:36:33 No.55826771
Will I ever find true love?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:36:39 No.55826789
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:38:04 No.55826980
Ok, last question for today: If I hold her hand the next time we see each other... Will she like it?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:38:15 No.55827000
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:38:48 No.55827066
Are there women in anon's presence?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:39:41 No.55827148
does he?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:40:47 No.55827277
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:41:32 No.55827360
Will I get laid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:42:38 No.55827489
has 4chan changed my life?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:42:46 No.55827501
is she?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:42:57 No.55827523
Do I have question?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:10 No.55827545
Should I kill myself?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:18 No.55827561
should i call?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:27 No.55827583
will i become an hirow?? ??
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:33 No.55827596
Will she still like me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:38 No.55827607
Has 4chan warped my mind?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:54 No.55827632
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:43:57 No.55827638
Will I kill myself one day?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:44:08 No.55827665
will i get laid this year
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:44:31 No.55827716
Will I kill myself one day?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:44:44 No.55827746

61-65: Yes - definitely.

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:45:45 No.55827889
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:45:52 No.55827907
So is it going to happen soon?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:46:29 No.55827978
I will be a ronery /v/irgin, right? ;__;
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:46:37 No.55827994
Will people stop posting stupid copypastas?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:46:45 No.55828015
Will I sleep with my sister tonight and post pics on 4chan?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:47:29 No.55828092
WIll I suck my own cock right now?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:47:37 No.55828105
should i fuck him?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:48:04 No.55828161
will i die as a virgin
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:48:49 No.55828230
Will I find true love?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:49:17 No.55828269
am i gAY?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:49:22 No.55828282
will all the gaia players ever get laid
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:49:35 No.55828316
Will i ever get laid?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:49:54 No.55828351
Am I going to fap to furry porn right here and now?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:49:59 No.55828360
should i pursue this other realy hot girl, even tho i might have something going with someone else?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:50:14 No.55828396
Does on of my best friends hate me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:50:42 No.55828459
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:51:17 No.55828523
     File :1204059077.jpg-(24 KB, 400x320, 1198099448593.jpg)
24 KB
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:51:38 No.55828578
will my sister ever get a bf
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:51:54 No.55828617
Will I break 1k this month?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:52:05 No.55828643
if i wank tonight will my first day of work tomorrow suck or be a niggers day out.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:52:06 No.55828647
will i fuck his sister?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:52:31 No.55828707
should i an hero
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:52:43 No.55828736
Okay, but can I top it next month?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:53:17 No.55828801
All religions are but perversions of the Truth, invented by idiots whose feeble minds could not handle the Truth. You have a chance to embrace the Truth, to see it in your dreams like us. That chance grows smaller as we get closer to 2012. When He walks the earth, you will remember the time you read this. You will remember that you could have survived, or at least got a quick death.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:53:25 No.55828815
will my sister contract aids
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:53:35 No.55828834
ha win
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:53:56 No.55828874
Will EFW become a meme?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:54:04 No.55828896
Does the girl Brooklyn at school have a crush on me? <:(
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:54:15 No.55828925
FINE. Can I top Feb in March?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:54:31 No.55828971
will i really die as a virgin ? also, am i a furfag?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:54:40 No.55828992
will i see jullee
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:54:55 No.55829027
I still really like my ex, will we get back together?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:54:59 No.55829038
Will op recieve aids?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:55:03 No.55829050
will i get v& for the cp ive seen on 12chan?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:55:08 No.55829064
am i a loser for getting drunk at 3:30pm by myself.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:55:20 No.55829096
Is it meant to beeeee?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:55:21 No.55829099
Should I make yet another pot of coffee?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:56:00 No.55829165
Will I found that someone and become that someone who I want to?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:56:32 No.55829221
I win
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:57:00 No.55829278
should i stop texting this stupid bitch
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:57:11 No.55829295
Will I become a professional singer?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:57:26 No.55829329
Is brooklyn sexualy interested in me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:57:30 No.55829334
no you dont
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:57:46 No.55829363
You win this time op!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:58:08 No.55829401
should i hit on her
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:58:27 No.55829442
Will I ever fuck this girl I am thinking about?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:58:30 No.55829448
wise-beard-man is wise, right?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:58:49 No.55829481
Should I study for my physics test?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:58:58 No.55829495
is the girl Brooklyn from school in love with me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:58:59 No.55829497
will i be ronery forever? ;_;
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:59:05 No.55829509
A winrar is me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:59:28 No.55829549
Will I ever get laid from this point onward?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:59:43 No.55829575

>> 02/26/08(Tue)15:59:58 No.55829606
would he ever desire me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:07 No.55829627
Will I find true love?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:13 No.55829633
będzie jutro kartkówka? D:<
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:32 No.55829673
One more time for clarification...
Is the girl Brooklyn from school in love with me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:32 No.55829674
Is this thing with Ron going to work out?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:51 No.55829715

>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:54 No.55829722
Will she ever be mine?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:00:56 No.55829726
are you sure?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:01:04 No.55829742
will i ever win big money (no whamy) playing the lottery?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:01:42 No.55829795
is my brother a furry?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:01:58 No.55829834
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:05 No.55829849
Is the reply to this question a negative one?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:12 No.55829872
Will OP die today?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:17 No.55829878
does he like me back?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:21 No.55829885
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:45 No.55829927
czy sylwia wymyśliła swojego chłopaka?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:51 No.55829940
Its a yes or no question.
Is the girl Brooklyn from school in love with me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:02:53 No.55829947
Am I gay?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:03:08 No.55829963
will i get hot sideways azn love hole in next 3 months?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:03:08 No.55829977
will my gf get laid this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:03:40 No.55830002
Should I go gay?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:03:56 No.55830052
Is OP a fucking newfag?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:03:57 No.55830054
Is the girl Brooklyn from school in love with me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:04:02 No.55830069
is she sexually attracted to me :?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:04:05 No.55830077
I has a bucket?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:04:08 No.55830086
should OP become an hero?
come on 16-20
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:04:47 No.55830169
Fuck yeah
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:04:54 No.55830180
does jesus exist?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:05:28 No.55830238
nigger nigger nigger my nigger nigger?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:05:48 No.55830276
Will I get fucked in the next month.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:05:49 No.55830283
will i see my bf this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:05:54 No.55830291
Will I die a virgin?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:06:13 No.55830323
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:06:16 No.55830328
Should I go gay?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:06:22 No.55830336
do i have to do this gay homework?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:06:27 No.55830350
dear 8 ball:

>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:06:42 No.55830382
Will she ever marry me? ;_;
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:07:10 No.55830424
do i? D:
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:07:18 No.55830441
Should I ask Kate out?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:07:26 No.55830459
Am I a Furry?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:08:03 No.55830537
Should I ask her out?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:08:15 No.55830567
am i going to get a bf?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:08:25 No.55830588
should I masturbate to bestiality
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:08:41 No.55830619
Should I ask her out?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:09:08 No.55830664
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:09:18 No.55830678
are you saying truth?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:09:48 No.55830731
will i ever quit diping?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:09:50 No.55830736
will i see my gf this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:10:12 No.55830779
Should I get my V-Tech to kick in?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:10:20 No.55830792
should i stop talking to him?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:10:45 No.55830845
Will it end in failure for me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:11:02 No.55830875
does she really love me?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:11:28 No.55830939
should i go to class or skip
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:11:36 No.55830955
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:11:43 No.55830965
will i ever meet nice girl?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:12:07 No.55831019
will i fuck his mother?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:12:14 No.55831033
will i see my gf this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:12:17 No.55831038
are you a fuckin ball?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:12:49 No.55831107
     File :1204060369.jpg-(222 KB, 1280x1136, beay_kiffin_jery_bath_anonib.jpg)
222 KB
Should I yiff in hell?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:12:53 No.55831115
will i make it to europe?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:19 No.55831156
did the balls touch?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:23 No.55831164
will i fuck his mother?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:23 No.55831165
will i see my bf this year?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:34 No.55831194
Answer me, you son of a bitch!
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:35 No.55831201
This post will die soon.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:40 No.55831211
will I be able to get ashley?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:13:45 No.55831224
will i complete my lifes task?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:14:40 No.55831327
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:14:51 No.55831350
Is there a God?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:02 No.55831372
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:06 No.55831380
This post is sucks.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:20 No.55831408
Am I totally awesome in every possible way?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:22 No.55831411
should i go to work?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:53 No.55831464
head this weekend?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:56 No.55831472
is wojcik a faggot?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:15:58 No.55831475
should i go to work?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:16:18 No.55831514
will my brother go to germany and fuck up my life?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:16:29 No.55831542
will i get laid tommorow
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:16:44 No.55831578
should i toss it in the cuban?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:17:16 No.55831646
     File :1204060636.jpg-(143 KB, 980x748, 1202865572938.jpg)
143 KB
Is this thread gayer than this picture?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:17:21 No.55831664
Do blacks feel pain?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:17:28 No.55831678
will i die as a virgin?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:18:01 No.55831730
Is this thread epic now?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:18:16 No.55831771
is my PENIS big enough to do what it do?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:18:27 No.55831795
Well, thank God. If not, then my ancestors would have wasted a lot of their time.
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:18:37 No.55831815
will i stick it into her ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:19:17 No.55831896
Is it going to get archived?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:19:54 No.55831970
will i stick it into her ?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:21:02 No.55832101
Do I have a PENIS?
>> 02/26/08(Tue)16:21:35 No.55832161
Will I get to fuck my trap?