File :1204128459.png-(218 KB, 564x317, snapshot2006.png)
218 KB Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:07 No.9892980  
Describe a series with a sentence.

Utawarerumono: Grown man has sex with children.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:08 No.9892988
Saikano: Bombs fall, everybody dies.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:09 No.9893001
Naruto: skip it your not missing much
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:09 No.9893006
That's like every other animu ever.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:09 No.9893012
     File :1204128585.jpg-(94 KB, 750x600, ShugoCharaPoster2.jpg)
94 KB
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:09 No.9893016
     File :1204128599.jpg-(112 KB, 284x298, Locke.jpg)
112 KB
Monster: Lost in transition.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:10 No.9893017
     File :1204128604.jpg-(33 KB, 140x129, 1203519035169.jpg)
33 KB
>> Chardo !PaaSYgVvtw 02/27/08(Wed)11:10 No.9893022
Kaiji: Slave beats emperor.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:10 No.9893024
Elfen Lied: Latin bloody incest killing.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:10 No.9893029
     File :1204128654.jpg-(118 KB, 800x950, 1199580056739.jpg)
118 KB
Gayseball: Healthy female coach likes baseball and gay boys.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:10 No.9893030
Akagi : Head Bump
>> anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:11 No.9893032
Neon Genesis: I didn't understand a word
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:11 No.9893037
Full Metal Alchemist: It's raining and Ed cannot bring his mom back to life.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:12 No.9893046
Hellsing: Christians use vampires.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:12 No.9893051
     File :1204128773.jpg-(145 KB, 550x736, Kenshiro 01.jpg)
145 KB
Fist of the North Star: You are already dead.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:13 No.9893056
School Days: Wtf is bul-HOLY FUCKING SHITFUCK
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:13 No.9893058
     File :1204128801.jpg-(42 KB, 640x480, 1203187153306.jpg)
42 KB
Clannad: Delinquent has sex with retards
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:13 No.9893063
     File :1204128825.jpg-(59 KB, 700x600, gurren-lagann-mermaidman-barna(...).jpg)
59 KB
Gurren Lagann: Just who do think i am?!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:13 No.9893067
Code Geass: Orange and Pizza on a Table
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:14 No.9893074
ichigo mashimaro: pedo
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:14 No.9893077
     File :1204128894.jpg-(11 KB, 284x150, FriezaPlayingSNES2.jpg)
11 KB
DBZ: Yeah, I'm sayin' it... IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:14 No.9893079
     File :1204128895.jpg-(36 KB, 473x555, 1203878605176.jpg)
36 KB
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:14 No.9893081
REC: Tsundere seiyuu falls in love.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:15 No.9893082
     File :1204128902.jpg-(13 KB, 420x236, darker-than-black-5.jpg)
13 KB
Darker Than Black: Pizza Hut
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:15 No.9893086
     File :1204128926.jpg-(17 KB, 550x309, yuu.jpg)
17 KB
Kanon: Young man with alzheimer's has sex with retards
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:16 No.9893097
Aria: nobody has sex slowly and pleasantly.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:16 No.9893098
     File :1204128966.jpg-(29 KB, 640x480, My life for glasses.jpg)
29 KB
The Law of Ueki: Gigantic moralfag beats Anon.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:16 No.9893102
AIR: Young idiot has sex with retards.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:17 No.9893123
     File :1204129069.jpg-(138 KB, 733x1580, gc_symphonia_screen007.jpg)
138 KB
Tales of Symphonia: Kratos.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:17 No.9893124
Noein: Life's gonna suck when you grow up.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:17 No.9893127
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Epic.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:19 No.9893142
     File :1204129152.jpg-(339 KB, 1280x960, 9d73189a3746b07e4a47f8252a35c8(...).jpg)
339 KB
YKK: Dying out slowly is preferred.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:19 No.9893145
Trigun: Ask questions BEFORE shooting.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:19 No.9893151
Ginga Legend Gin: Dogs kill bears.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:19 No.9893154
One Piece: Manly world filled with manly characters.

This is what Oda himself said.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:20 No.9893156
ONE: Disappearing young man has sex with retards
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:20 No.9893159
Higurashi: Everybody dies multiple times
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:20 No.9893167
Welcome To The NHK: Life sucks get used to it.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:20 No.9893168
     File :1204129255.jpg-(41 KB, 483x616, angelcop-mc.jpg)
41 KB
Angel Cop-Lousiest cops + psychics + cyborg + power armor + motor cycles + evil jews = WHAAAAAAA?
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:21 No.9893170
Series Experiments Lain: Anonymous will save the world.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:21 No.9893171
     File :1204129266.jpg-(28 KB, 704x396, Crystal Pancake Elderly.jpg)
28 KB
Yatterman: Nostalgia.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:21 No.9893176
Inuyasha: Where the fuck has Naraku been hiding for 10 fucking years?
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:21 No.9893177
     File :1204129277.jpg-(1.2 MB, 1197x1704, 1203458086460.jpg)
1.2 MB
Gankutsuou: The best adaptation of the novel yet.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:21 No.9893179
     File :1204129298.gif-(34 KB, 218x239, tibi.gif)
34 KB
One Piece: Kid eats a fruit that doesn't belong to him.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:22 No.9893189
Lucky star: Timoteeei!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:23 No.9893194
Genocyber: RIP AND TEAR.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:23 No.9893201
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Whatever you do, don't bore God.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:24 No.9893206
Deathnote: Karma's a bitch.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:24 No.9893208
School Days: Being an asshole leads to nice boats.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:25 No.9893218
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:26 No.9893229
School Rumble: Wait, this is all a misunderstanding.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:29 No.9893263
     File :1204129757.png-(621 KB, 768x432, vlcsnap-92093.png)
621 KB
Mushishi: Walking around the woods is GAR.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:29 No.9893265
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:29 No.9893273
     File :1204129792.jpg-(356 KB, 1050x999, 4f98296b1f104e5150184c125a789b(...).jpg)
356 KB
Minami-ke: The daily lives of a healthy girl, a lively girl, a Rei clone, a MAN, two traps and several other assorted archetypes.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:37 No.9893346
Battle Royale: It's like the real-world + survivor + a far less shittier version of Condemned
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:37 No.9893347
Air: Young hobo has sex with retards.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:39 No.9893377
Elfen Lied: Gore and Tits
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:40 No.9893380
gundam seed: The nazis had the right idea.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:40 No.9893382
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:41 No.9893390
Monster: Should have saved the mayor instead.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:41 No.9893394
Eureka seveN: Air-surfing robot piloted by a whiny brat and a girl with butterfly wings save the world.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:41 No.9893398
Every Gundam Series: It's pretty much pre-teens flying robots.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:42 No.9893405
Gundam Seed: It's a soap opera with giant robots
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:42 No.9893412
     File :1204130568.jpg-(203 KB, 710x594, 1190691589855.jpg)
203 KB
Gurren Lagann: LOL GAINAX
>> Teenage Angsty Mecha Pilot !TADERPgcFU 02/27/08(Wed)11:43 No.9893418
>Every Mecha Series: It's pretty much pre-teens piloting giant robots.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:44 No.9893431
Black Lagoon: John Woo was here.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:44 No.9893440
Cat Soup: /b/ The Motion Picture
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:45 No.9893446
     File :1204130719.jpg-(12 KB, 258x194, 1202059977828.jpg)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:45 No.9893448
Beck: It's like MTV, but better
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:45 No.9893452
worksafe because she's not human.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:46 No.9893460
     File :1204130783.jpg-(232 KB, 712x800, 1195706231126.jpg)
232 KB
Gurren Lagann - Do the impossible
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:47 No.9893469
Pokemon: Gary was here! Ash is a loser!!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:47 No.9893470
Mai Otome: Girls are forced to be lesbians
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:47 No.9893474
excel saga: how to conquer the world with lulz
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:49 No.9893493
     File :1204130957.jpg-(83 KB, 473x496, 1202149754976.jpg)
83 KB
Gurren Lagann - Raw raw fight da powa!!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:49 No.9893498
     File :1204130976.jpg-(67 KB, 960x540, 1199641835661.jpg)
67 KB
I don't watch it just because of mako chan ....
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:51 No.9893520
Dragon Half;
I'm funny as shit but Japan didn't want more

It's not loli, it's ancient warriors in little girl bodies.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:52 No.9893537
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Suicidal teacher has a harem of mostly sexy and insane school girls.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:53 No.9893550
Never seen it mentionned on /a/.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:54 No.9893555
Lurk more damnit. It was mentioned yesterday.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:55 No.9893567

lol KEY
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:56 No.9893572
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:56 No.9893574
Renkin Sankyuu Magical Pokaan - So four magic lolis walk into a bar...
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:57 No.9893587
I don't think I could pick one.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: This plot makes complete senOHMAIGOD WHATTHEFUCK?!

Neon Genesis Evangelion: With characters so emo, you'll want to cut yourself.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:57 No.9893592
death note: i can kill anyone i want but that's not so easy
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:57 No.9893594
Naruto - sasuke pwns naruto is a noob and 632384614512934713 porns of hinata.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:57 No.9893596
Enzai: Ass rape.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:57 No.9893597
Neuro: [NEURO beats YAKO and it is funny.]
>> FiRez !QkRJTXcpFI 02/27/08(Wed)11:58 No.9893601
Code Geass: Death Note with mechas
Ping Pong Club: /b/ the animation
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:58 No.9893612
One piece: guy with rubber body wants to get a piece for himself.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)11:59 No.9893617
Tsukihime: Headaches, lines and ninja nun.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:00 No.9893623
>Tsukihime: Would be a badass anime if it existed.

>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:00 No.9893625
Aria: How to sell slow anime? Add lesbians.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:00 No.9893626
Kannazuki no Miko: I yurirape because I care.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:01 No.9893633
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:01 No.9893638
Gurren Lagann: Faggots with drills, saving the world

Lucky Star: Shitty characters discovering which is the head.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:01 No.9893644
Berserk: Rape
>> Teenage Angsty Mecha Pilot !TADERPgcFU 02/27/08(Wed)12:02 No.9893654
     File :1204131754.gif-(19 KB, 400x600, 1201585308198.gif)
19 KB
I has an anime.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:02 No.9893659
Bleach: retards + swords + titz + ban kai
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:04 No.9893680
Sousei no Aquarion: Mecha Pilots have mental sex while listening to Yoko Kanno.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:05 No.9893689
Pani Poni Dash: Excel Saga, the shitty pedo version.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:05 No.9893691
Demonbane - GAR-guy fucks loli-book
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:05 No.9893694
Gantz: Holy shit I wish Japanese chicks really were this hot, especially when being chopped into pieces.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:06 No.9893702
End of Evangelion: Come, Sweet Death.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:06 No.9893711
Dennou Coil - Matrix for preschoolers.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:07 No.9893716
Kaibutsu Oujo: 10%, vampires, Hime, and chainsaws — where did this go wrong?
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:07 No.9893722
Boku no Pico: Man has fun with boy

Pico to Chico: Boy have fun with each other while big sister is watching
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:08 No.9893726
Paprika: surprise parade
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:08 No.9893730
Higurashi no naku koro ni - Oh lame, just another harem ani...WHATTHEFUCK???!?!?!?!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:09 No.9893746
SE Lain - WTF?? ahh well ill just fap at lain is bear suit
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:10 No.9893762
Higurashi: I want a Rika of my very own =D
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:11 No.9893767
Elfen Lied: headroll
>> Meru Otonashi !oFUBhmBL1I 02/27/08(Wed)12:12 No.9893776
     File :1204132335.jpg-(28 KB, 640x480, 1196348854563.jpg)
28 KB
SZS - Cool, witty, and genuinely fresh reference anime with unique characters producing the most entertaining comedy combined with cool textures & fantastic animation techniques.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:12 No.9893786
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:13 No.9893792
True Tears: /a/ in flames.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:13 No.9893798
Oh wow.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:13 No.9893802

you speak truth, dear sir
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:14 No.9893805
Forgot to mention, the most intellectual anime since evangelion.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:15 No.9893823
Kill yourself
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:15 No.9893825
Spice and Wolf: Economics and 10%
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:17 No.9893839
Naruto - AIDS!!!!!
>> Meru Otonashi !oFUBhmBL1I 02/27/08(Wed)12:17 No.9893843
     File :1204132630.jpg-(83 KB, 640x480, jpg.jpg)
83 KB
SZS - Lame retread anime.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:17 No.9893844
School Days - for fuck's sake, use a condom.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:18 No.9893852
     File :1204132690.jpg-(97 KB, 1024x576, 1204044448722.jpg)
97 KB
Kitaro - LOL WUT
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:18 No.9893857
Spice and Wolf - I don't understand a word, why doesn't he just fuck the wolf?
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:19 No.9893874
     File :1204132747.jpg-(55 KB, 480x609, saikano.jpg)
55 KB
Saikano: War sucks and then EVERYONE DIES
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:21 No.9893912
lol win.

fate stay/night: Archer is seriously GAR.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:21 No.9893914
Macross Frontier: Nyan nyan, nyan nyan, ni hao nyan! Gorgeous, delicious, deculture!
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:23 No.9893928
     File :1204132981.jpg-(62 KB, 750x1081, mimi.jpg)
62 KB
Deadman Wonderland: Boy who shoots blood missiles from his hand waits for the girl he had a crush on in middle school's head to make a comeback.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:23 No.9893941
Akagi: I have no idea what's going on anymore.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:24 No.9893950
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan:
iru-action-explosive diarrhea-BAMM-splatter-pipiru-an eight year old "girl" with double g wtf-blabla-BAMM-splatter-pipiru-etc
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:25 No.9893956
     File :1204133111.jpg-(53 KB, 640x361, knj.jpg)
53 KB
KnJ: Pedo not cute.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:26 No.9893968
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: FABULOUSLY fantastic
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:27 No.9893984
Rozen Maiden: DESU
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:27 No.9893990
Tsukihime - Tutorial of how to get any old crappy plot to be accessory to porn.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:28 No.9893998
     File :1204133298.jpg-(23 KB, 704x400, They came.jpg)
23 KB
Shigurui: I must learn this ultimate technique.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:30 No.9894009
     File :1204133411.jpg-(19 KB, 481x359, bang.jpg)
19 KB
Cowboy Bebop: Spike dies.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:30 No.9894010
Marimite: Lesbians who call each other sisters and worship Jesus.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:31 No.9894030
Higurashi: well this sucks, just another crappy harem ani--M-M-M-MINDFUCK
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:32 No.9894039
DragonBall Z- 14 episodes of talking, 15 minutes of fighting.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:33 No.9894052

Cromartie High School- Mechazaka is fuck win.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:34 No.9894059
Lovely Complex: Size matters... not.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:35 No.9894070

>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:35 No.9894076
Bobobobo: nose hairs pawn all
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:36 No.9894094
Full Metal Alchemist: if you're happy and you know it clap your hands
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:37 No.9894098
moyashimon: microbes are hilarious and awesome, plus theres some accidental lesbos and a trap.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:39 No.9894130
Higurashi: REPEAT AGAIN.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:40 No.9894137
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:40 No.9894138
Death Note: Attack of the nameless orphans.
>> Anonymous 02/27/08(Wed)12:41 No.9894147
Gundam Turn A : Robots and a fag.
Gundam Seed : Robots and fags.
Gundam 00 : Robots and fags.

Am I doin it rite ?