File :1219867322.jpg-(619 KB, 1500x1349, Gesinnungen.jpg)
619 KB ANime Character Characteristics Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:02 No.14232505  
Ok guys, question: which anime/manga Character would you put in which place of this picture?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:02 No.14232518
These don't exist anymore.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:03 No.14232541
suzaku suzaku suzaku
suzaku suzaku suzaku
suzaku suzaku suzaku
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:04 No.14232554
Spike: Chaotic Neutral
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:07 No.14232625
     File :1219867621.jpg-(215 KB, 864x1059, SZS align fixed.jpg)
215 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:07 No.14232626
     File :1219867625.jpg-(74 KB, 750x600, ryoma (4).jpg)
74 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:10 No.14232681
     File :1219867802.jpg-(144 KB, 600x735, alignment.jpg)
144 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:10 No.14232682
Chaotic neutral is off.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:11 No.14232697
     File :1219867861.png-(34 KB, 365x287, 1217693227578.png)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:12 No.14232717
Please, for the love of Anime: leave your loli somewhere else
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:12 No.14232718

How is Kafuka not CN?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:12 No.14232729
well were would you put her?
>> Lelouch vi Britannia, the Hammer of Justice !3I4SJbCh8M 08/27/08(Wed)16:14 No.14232762
The hell is wrong with you? If anyone's evil, it would be the Nazi's, obviously.

Also, inb4 some idiot labels me as lawful evil again.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:14 No.14232765
Problem is, people seem to have greatly differing definitions of the various alignments and what they mean.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:14 No.14232771
     File :1219868072.jpg-(377 KB, 1309x1650, SZS Allignment Chart.jpg)
377 KB

Only one that needs tweaking IMO is Neutral Evil.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:15 No.14232796
     File :1219868141.jpg-(187 KB, 1024x768, Trigun 3.jpg)
187 KB
Chaotic Neutral: Vashj
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:15 No.14232802
This one is better only because it has Fujoshi and the other doesn't. Everything else is moot.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:18 No.14232837
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:18 No.14232847

that's pretty random...
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:19 No.14232855
What anime is this from? looks kinda like a "slice of life" one
>> Pak Chooie Unf !ZD4Ay8nWso 08/27/08(Wed)16:19 No.14232875
     File :1219868386.jpg-(407 KB, 1308x1650, macrossalignment.jpg)
407 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)16:19 No.14232876
Shonen harem, actually.