File :1215407881.jpg-(8 KB, 175x150, 1215407507847.jpg)
8 KB Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:18 No.13067040  
Things that your family and relatives say when you watch anime.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:19 No.13067069
     File :1215407965.jpg-(11 KB, 308x237, Chiyo.jpg)
11 KB

Pass the tissues.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:19 No.13067077
Get a job
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:20 No.13067078
Hey. Don't.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:20 No.13067089
I'd rather you be looking at internet porn
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:21 No.13067097
Why is Piccolo naked
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:21 No.13067105
depending on the family member,
"are you still watching those cartoons?"
"holy crap that is funny. can you burn a DVD of it for me that will play in my DVD player?"
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:21 No.13067107
"Are you watching those Chinese cartoons?"
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:21 No.13067109
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:21 No.13067113
They're unaware.

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067122
Anime is made is japan you fool.
>> Mr. Bubbles !!DLJ3bQ7yunJ 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067127
     File :1215408148.gif-(78 KB, 640x480, budget cuts.gif)
78 KB
So, is this your new laptop background?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067129
is this a videogame?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067131
"What are you? Twelve?"
"Grow up."
"Not again."
"Wow, she has big boobs."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067135
read the OP
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067145
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:22 No.13067146
"Wow, this Berserk anime you let me borrow was awesome."-my mom.
Everyone else...derisive comments.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:23 No.13067150
Why do you keep watching gay stuff?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:23 No.13067157
"Are you watching Naruto? Your cousin loves Naruto."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:23 No.13067161
>"holy crap that is funny. can you burn a DVD of it for me that will play in my DVD player?"
>"holy crap that is funny. can you burn a DVD of it for me that will play in my DVD player?"
>"holy crap that is funny. can you burn a DVD of it for me that will play in my DVD player?"
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:23 No.13067162
"Grow up"
"What are you? Twelve?"
"Not again."
"Wow, her boobs are huge."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:23 No.13067164
And I thought I was the only one

Are you learning Japanese?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:24 No.13067170
Geez, I can understand why you don't get girl?
19 and still watching kids show?
While I'm listening to Ghost in the shell.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:24 No.13067171
And I thought I was the only one

Are you learning Japanese they say
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:24 No.13067174
     File :1215408258.png-(1.36 MB, 1440x900, Ame-Warashi.png)
1.36 MB
(no comment)
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:24 No.13067182
>Anime is made in Korea you fool.
>> Forest Troll !!40OU/pWEXuP 07/07/08(Mon)01:24 No.13067186


This was the correct answer.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:25 No.13067196
"Oh, he's watching his anime. Well when you're done the lawn needs mowing."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:25 No.13067197
>"Wow, she has big boobs."

My god that was my mother back then. Always had to comment on the boobs.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:25 No.13067200
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:25 No.13067208
This thread is made of failure and people who can't hide their power levels. Your family shouldn't know you watch anime.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:26 No.13067225
Checking to make sure you're straight. You are watching chinamen cartoons after all.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:26 No.13067231

Your mom watched Berserk and liked it?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:27 No.13067240
Why aren't you studying?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:28 No.13067275
My dad thinks it makes me more multicultural.
He's more open-minded about anime-in-general than I am, though he doesn't himself watch any of it.
>> Forest Troll !!40OU/pWEXuP 07/07/08(Mon)01:30 No.13067309

Agreed. I sense a great many newfags and b&. If you are actually 18 or older, you shouldn't be even living with your parents/relatives and thus they should not know you watch anime.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:31 No.13067329
Yes, only good thing about her.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:31 No.13067343
"Hey is that one of those Japanese cartoons? Yeah, it is, I could tell since I watch Bleach and found out it was actually originally made in Japan."

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:32 No.13067352
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:33 No.13067366
Well, sorry for going to a cheap school with no on-campus dorms. Or a shitty full time job.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:34 No.13067388
>If you are 18 or older, you shouldn't be living with your parents
You are 18 older and shouldn't watch children cartoons.
Your point?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:34 No.13067391

friends are like LETS WATCH SOMETHING
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:34 No.13067394
My parents know because I started watching it when I was 13. NOW i'm 21 and not living with them.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:34 No.13067395
I'm 20 and I am home for summer. My family knows, and I don't care. My mom just asks if I am turning Japanese. They just think it is nerdy but don't really care.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:34 No.13067402
Living in a bit of a rebellious mindset are we?
There are many benefits both to you and your relatives/parents by living with each other; Financial, social and spiritual (not religious).
If you want to get a full time girlfriend and make a family when you're 20, sure, go ahead and move out, that's logical, but not many (and especially not anonymous) actually plan to try to make this fantasy perfect family before they even have a career down and happening.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:35 No.13067411
Yeah! You should be living in your basement and shit right?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:35 No.13067424

Hey newfag, anime was in existence for quite a while, so it doesn't necessarily mean all this stuff is recent
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:35 No.13067426
moving out when you're 18 is retarded. Chances are you have no money, no collateral, no work experience, and no idea how to survive on your own. And around here, you probably wouldn't be able to afford to move out even with a professional job. Two of my friends from high school now have masters degrees, and they can't afford to move out.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:36 No.13067437
The only person in my family who should even know what anime is is my younger sibling who asks me why don't I watch the quality anime on adult swim.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:36 No.13067442

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:37 No.13067447


So I still stay with my parents during the summer break.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:37 No.13067460
>>If you are actually 18 or older, you shouldn't be even living with your parents/relatives and thus they should not know you watch anime.
Unfortunately, I live in NYC. It's virtually impossible to live alone until you make at least 40-50K a year. Plus, I pay my bills, rent, food and broadband to stay here anyway.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:38 No.13067472
>If you are actually 18 or older, you shouldn't be even living with your parents/relatives and thus they should not know you watch anime.

Sorry, some of us are aiming higher than "job at McDonalds." Can't move out while in college.

I watch animu with my sister all the time. She loves Shugo Chara, Rozen Maiden and the sorts. My mom occasionally watches some when we're using the TV in the living room, I remember that when we were watching ZnT, she kept commenting on Kirche's boobs.

If you hide your so called "power level" from your own family, you're an insecure faggot who should kill yourself. Not telling friends is ok because the wrong kind of people always end up knowing and bother you to death, but keeping it from your own parents? Do you have shit parents or something?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:38 No.13067475

is successful
It's not like he said he was a troll..
Damn, I'm one of them.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:38 No.13067477
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:39 No.13067485
Rarely anything happens but one time my dad was making fun of Japanese and he was like "this is how the people talk in your cartoons you watch" then he starts talking gibberish. It was pretty funny, that's the only thing he ever did though. My brother asked why I was watching Gintama and I said it was funny, no comment after that.
>> Forest Troll !!40OU/pWEXuP 07/07/08(Mon)01:39 No.13067495

You have a valid point, and are thus less likely to be newfags. As a tripfiend, I retract my insult toward (most of) you and humbly apologize.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:39 No.13067500
I live in an apartment, going to college. And I don't exactly bar my parents from ever visiting me or anything, I wish they'd come more often.

Could you angryfags take your accusations of underageB& and OMG POWER LEVELS somewhere else?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:40 No.13067507
Shit, that was a masterfully executed troll. Everyone fell for it.

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:41 No.13067530
F: Why no leave your engineer career and go to Japan to make anime? // Why you don´t grow up?

I : Because i like see anime, not do it // Hey, i don´t got a children at 18, gtfo!
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:41 No.13067544
Nothing, because I suppress my power level.
>> insanezero !VUNofZD8jM 07/07/08(Mon)01:42 No.13067562

"Download Mushishi for me."
"Stop hogging the damn bandwidth."
Some random japanese statement, and then a question of if I enjoy not understanding what the hell the characters are saying.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:42 No.13067566
lol, what is your first language?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:43 No.13067576
     File :1215409393.png-(70 KB, 464x4430, 1214194717472.png)
70 KB
>>Do you have shit parents or something?
Posting SEA-gaSaga just because he brought up shitty parents
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:44 No.13067591
     File :1215409467.png-(55 KB, 464x3865, 1214197209064.png)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:44 No.13067593

"Is that Pokemon?"

"Burn me a copy."

"Inuyasha's better."

All these are outdated though.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:45 No.13067609
The only thing my mom really says about it is that she's surprised that I still need subtitles after about 8 years.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:45 No.13067614
"Is this sailor moon?"
"this is just as bad as the star trek your mom watches"
"why are they always screaming"
or either silent laughing or random mimicking of what the character just said
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:47 No.13067643
I don't live anywhere near my family, so it's never a problem.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:47 No.13067652
My mother would say why am I watching this Japanese shit then go to her room and watch Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives or Gossip Girl.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:48 No.13067666
>I remember that when we were watching ZnT

Wait, does this mean you were watching ZnT with your sister? I am somehow envious...

I pretty much take a stance where I'm not going to flagrantly display my love for anime, but at the same time I won't feel like the world is over if they find out.

Luckily for me, I guess, they haven't found out.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:48 No.13067670
My best was "why does that woman have a dick?"
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:48 No.13067672
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:51 No.13067737
I got my dad to watch GitS with me. My dad can be fairly open-minded, and pretty curious about out there ideas like futurism and theoretical physics. He also likes katanas, so I figure he might like Samurai Champloo.

My mom won't touch the stuff. Then again, she has hardly any appreciation for any cultural things that aren't Chinese.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:52 No.13067749
Only two people know I watch anime and they watch it too. One's a bigger weeaboo than I am and the other is a casual fag. So it's either discussion or them asking me to put some of my shit on their EHDs.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:52 No.13067756
Random gibberish from my dad, as he makes fun of the language.

"She has really big boobs." - from my cousin.
"You're such a nerd." - from a friend.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:52 No.13067760
My friends and family are dead.
>> insanezero !VUNofZD8jM 07/07/08(Mon)01:53 No.13067764
It can't be any worse than having parents that actually do understand what the characters are saying even without the need for subtitles.

My dad loves poking that into my face every time he passes by.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:53 No.13067768
oh lawd o.o
how would you explain that one
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:53 No.13067775
>> Not anime Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:53 No.13067781
     File :1215410019.jpg-(439 KB, 686x800, 1183057522658.jpg)
439 KB
"She's such a pretty girl."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:54 No.13067798
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:54 No.13067804

Haha, how'd you get through that?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:54 No.13067809
     File :1215410093.gif-(434 KB, 640x480, laughingmiyako.gif)
434 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:55 No.13067813
Friend: Is that a pokemon knockoff?
Response: Pretty much
Friend: Can you burn me a copy for my son? He's into that stuff.
Response: Yea sure.

(note, the anime I was watching was Narutaru, and he wasnt happy 2 or 3 days later)
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:55 No.13067815
I guess that the fire you started wasn't a good idea if you liked them.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:56 No.13067850
gb2 /d/
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)01:56 No.13067867
Ahaha wow
>> NoNoRiRi !!CL3rQbq7THp 07/07/08(Mon)02:00 No.13067955
1)"Send me that"
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:03 No.13068024

I forgot to mention that they only know I watch it because we watched anime together as kids. Power levels.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:04 No.13068043
Again, it depends.

(Mom) " I don't understand why you watch those cartoons. Miyazaki is great, but I don't know why you're so obssessed."

(Brother) " I'm going to watch it when the dub comes out."

(Lil Bro) " Whoa, that's so cool."

(Lil Sis) " They are soooo cute~"

Everyone else in my family, " Wat."

Thar you go.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:04 No.13068047
Why do they always stand around gasping like that?

(My mom watching me watch Yu Yu hakusho)

(She's right, Shonen anime do have a lot of standing around gasping scenes why do they do that?)
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:05 No.13068073
Because it is dramatic in true shonen-esque style. No shonen series is complete without it.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:06 No.13068075
*mom sees Shesshermou*

Hey, it's Sephiroth
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:06 No.13068085
"Why are you watching this stupid chinese shit"
"This is such a ripoff of dragon ball z"

Every fucking time I'm watching anime I have to hear this.
>> Anonymous ♥ Rikako !ozOtJW9BFA 07/07/08(Mon)02:07 No.13068098
My mother will never forgive me for making her watch Totoro.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:08 No.13068126
     File :1215410898.png-(102 KB, 250x250, 1212739909741.png)
102 KB
Mum doesnt say anything, she just gives a look of disgust which makes me look away and feel ashamed. Pic related, its a similar look.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:08 No.13068127
Your parents are Japanese and you don't know Japanese?

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:08 No.13068131
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:10 No.13068181
My father since when I was watching DBZ and Gundam wing as a kid on toonami "How come the Japanese always make white people in their cartoons?" My power level is mostly hidden other then when my father barges in, otherwise it's no comment, they don't give a shit.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:10 No.13068187
Dear God, you people have terrible parents.

You actually get shit for watching TV? They're just fucking TV shows.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:12 No.13068218
Wait, you guys let other people see you watch anime? I'm the guy who goes off on tangents about how faggy the local weeaboos are, both in Chinese class and in public, and then returns home to the sweet feeling of a good day's torrentan.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:12 No.13068221
no one really says anything to me

my mom calls it cartoons though
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:13 No.13068245
My mom watched Kaiji with me.

She turned Furuhata into an injoke -
KAIJI-SAN KAIJI-SAN KAIJI-SAN because of how fucking much he says that in the first arc.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:13 No.13068257

Denialfag spotted. They're overglorified childrens cartoons.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:15 No.13068283
Mom: "You still watch cartoons?"
Me: "Yeah."
Mom: "When are you gonna stop watching that crap?"
Me: "When you stop masturbating over wheel of fortune."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:15 No.13068288
"Is that Dragon Ball Z?"
"I hate all anime" My little brother is a fag sometimes.

"Is that one of those Japanese cartoons?" Dad

Mostly I try to hide my powerlevel just so I don't have to deal with them though I think both my brother and my dad would be interested in things like GitS.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:15 No.13068300
Father: "You watching cartoons again?" unless the character is talking french, he'll auto-translate then leave.

Mother: No comment unless it is very heavy in action(Samurai X) then she'll lurk behind and watch
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:17 No.13068330
brother was watching Hellsing with mum in the room reading a book and Jan Valentine swrearing his head off. He didnt turn it off because itd be too obvious. When he stated he was gonna fuck that bitch, shoot her in the head, then fuck her there he stole a glance at her. She looked at him with an indifferent face then went back to her book.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:18 No.13068353

If your parents give you shit when you're watching Spongebob or Disney Channel, even at the age of 20, you have idiotic parents. Many adults enjoy children cartoons.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:19 No.13068370
Haha, oh wow I just remembered.

I got called a pervert because my mom used my computer one night, and it had porn on the background. Nothing too hardcore because I always have people coming in my room, but it was enough for her to get angry.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)02:19 No.13068378
>>Can't move out while in college.

HAHAHAHA! Are you serious?

I moved out at 18 to go to college. I go visit home on holidays, and that's pretty much it.

The only people who live with their parents while in college are those who go to community college, and that shit is a joke.